Monday, December 18, 2017

Mystery Solved

Lately, I have been seeing and hearing a lot about Joy Division, an obscure British band from the late 1970's.  I liked Joy Division when I was in high school, unlike those around me who were enamored with bands like Journey.  But I have been pretty baffled lately with the sudden frequency of references to this band - like hearing them in my local grocery store and seeing a fellow in a restaurant in Santa Fe with this t shirt on.  

Why does everyone suddenly love Joy Division?  Why not the Stranglers?  or Fad Gadget? or The Boomtown Rats? or Wire? or The Buzzcocks? or Magazine?  I could go on and on about the great music from the late 1970's/early 1980's.

But then his Lordship and I watched Stranger Things and it all became crystal clear.

So here is to Ian Curtis and the commercial success he has achieved 37 years after he took his own life.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Last Day of Creepmas

My Readers - I have enjoyed a wonderful wacky sleigh ride of Creepmas fun with you.  Alas, it is over.  

Along the way, I have heard from many friends whom I would like to acknowledge here.  Thanks to Deborah She Who Seeks, Donut, Sarah the Geordie Goth, MK, The Insomniac, Dr. Theda, Mason, Haunted Eve, Old Fashioned Halloween, Spooky Vegan, Beth, and Neale for their supportive comments. I have also made a few new pals whose blogs I am now reading. Diana at Diana's Creation and Holly at Holly's Horrorland.

For my final post, I share my new fire grate.  We had it fashioned down at the Metal Mama's by Jason.  I gave him a very crappy design I made on photoshop and from that he created an awesome fire screen.
As a friend said, just channeling my inner Tim Burton. That's Grissom's voice you hear in the background of the video.

 And with that, I wish you adieu.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stockings and Other Creepmas Decor

I have a few other craft ideas for your Creepmas decor.  Above is our spider sculpture that we surrounded with lights.

I finally modified a stocking I purchased some time ago after Christmas at Michaels. I added the ribbon and the bow.  Michaels sells a nice 12x12 black paper that is easy to cut but looks like velvet. I used that for the letters and bats. However, when I went back this year to match a stocking for his Lordship, I had no luck.  Everything is in burlap and white - no burgundy velvet in sight.  Guess I am the only one getting my stocking stuffed this year.

 I also printed some dancing skeletons wearing Santa hats and holding lights onto vellum.  I put these around some holders salvaged from old candles.  These pictures were taken with a votive inside.  I since changed to a tealight and now the skeles feet are visible.

Hope you are enjoying Creepmas.  Only two days to go!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Creepmas Dinner Party

On Sat. last, as you may know, His Lordship and I hosted our first Creepmas Dinner Party.  As the guests were all Creepmas Virgins, you can imagine the level of suspicion and anxiety the invitation aroused.  They were probably thinking "what is this Creepmas and will it involve a blood sacrifice?"  Well lucky for them we kept it tame,  a meal and some drinks.  We'll introduce the gruesome stuff  next year! Below are some pictures of the table and preparations.  Unfortunately,  I did not take any pictures of the actual affair.  I get too busy and it slips my addled mind.

The Haunted Mansion view of the table.
The meal was a success. Plenty of mirth and Creepmas cheer was exchanged.  The guests ate the maggots and boar carcass without a gripe.  I even made a salad dressing slightly reminiscent of vomit and they ate that.  Thinking of ways to torture them for next year.  Toodles and hope your Creepmas dreams are coming to fruition.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


I promised some ornament crafts and I will share today.  I got the inspirations from this video a friend shared on my face book page at Halloween.  I decided to modify it for Creepmas.  However, I could not find the video and hence had to wing it. Sigh!

So I photo shopped a skull wearing a Santa hat, printed them on vellum and stuffed them into the clear plastic ornaments.  Then I dripped some red paint down the outside as per Debra She We Seeks request.  So here they are on the little Creepmas Tree.

I like this tree.  Looks like aspens - very Colorado.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pumpkin projects

I do love pumpkin projects for Creepmas.  Only problem is that pumpkins disappear from stores at Thanksgiving.  But you know who still has them? Your neighbors.  Especially your neighbors who don't believe in carving them at Halloween.  His Lordship asks our next door group for uncarved pumpkins and presto, like magic the neighbors provide.  Just look at this haul
So I get this great idea from the great deceiver, that's right - pinterest, on what to do with this haul.'s 5 hacks for carving pumpkins looked good and gave me an idea to use cookies cutters to make pumpkin luminaries.  Only problem?  It is damn hard to put a cookie cutter through a pumpkin.  I ruined two cookie cutters in the process and cracked the pumpkins to boot. Not so enamored of this project and will definitely not be doing it again. It is Creepmas Dinner party tonight and I was counting on these decorations.  Pinterest be damned.  These things suck.

I think they will either be banished here to the basement or pitched in the trash.  What's your vote? Dungeon or Dump em?

Friday, December 8, 2017


 2017 cookies have been made and frosted for tomorrow nights meal.  I limited myself to a few designs - Teddy scares, Creepmas Owls and Franken Santas.  I used a new high altitude sugar cookie recipe with good results.
I put some red hots on the Teddy Scares that I found at the Dollar Tree (vs. paying the big bucks for the kind in the tiny jar with the other sprinkles and cookie decorations).  My Teddy Scares could be angry or perhaps constipated.  I am not sure which.
On the Franken Santas, I combined a Frankenstein head with a witch hat.  I attached the two and modified the hat to have a smaller brim and a bauble on top hence they are all a little different.  I not to smitten with the faces.  They look like slightly bored, green football players.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Lady M's Gingerdead Offering

Last Christmas I got a Peanuts Gingerbread house on sale.  Needless to say, upon opening, the gum drops and gum snoopies were disgustingly stale.  It did not stop me from using the kit.  After all, I would have to be crazy to eat this thing.  The snoopies and gum drops were disposed of as were all the little peanuts cut outs.  It was easy to put it together.  Unlike the last kit, the gingerbread was not broken.  It is a neat, as in tidy, little house.  Here are some more photos.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Gingerdead House

The above picture is from my ginger dead house in 2015.  It was quite the cluster. If I am not to repeat history, I need  some inspiration.  I found a lot online.  Look at some of these amazing works of art.

Can you imagine making something like these?  The hours of meticulous work.  I am dizzy just thinking about it.

 Disney Land always has an amazing Nightmare before Christmas Display.  
This is more my speed.  Stay tuned for my 2017 creation!

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Krampusnacht is tonight! Krampus has taken the US by storm these past few years. Images of the horned Germanic Anti-Santa are everywhere.  Even Nat. Geo had to give him a nod.  Movies, music, and media all celebrate the Krampus myth.

 I find the Krampus an intriguing character indeed, especially the vintage images of him with the ladies, like the message was "better to be naughty than nice".  Pretty risque for the 1890's.  Also with the shades of bestiality and S and M, there is a little something for everyone.

I hope you have some plans for Krampusnacht!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Dinner Preps

This Saturday I am hosting some friends for Creepmas Dinner.  I sent them this invitation.

His Lordship and I had a good laugh planning the menu, coming up with descriptions for otherwise normal fare.  Now we have a lot of preparations including the rest of the Creepmas decorating.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Creepmas Tree

The Creepmas Tree is up.  I do not have any changes to it, except the addition of red glitter snowflakes.

I also have a new twig tree reminiscent of the FLOTUS' hall of doom.  I got it on sale after last Christmas.

Those clear balls need some Creepmas craft treatment.  I am sure you are all holding your breath to see what I will do?  Any ideas??