Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stockings and Other Creepmas Decor

I have a few other craft ideas for your Creepmas decor.  Above is our spider sculpture that we surrounded with lights.

I finally modified a stocking I purchased some time ago after Christmas at Michaels. I added the ribbon and the bow.  Michaels sells a nice 12x12 black paper that is easy to cut but looks like velvet. I used that for the letters and bats. However, when I went back this year to match a stocking for his Lordship, I had no luck.  Everything is in burlap and white - no burgundy velvet in sight.  Guess I am the only one getting my stocking stuffed this year.

 I also printed some dancing skeletons wearing Santa hats and holding lights onto vellum.  I put these around some holders salvaged from old candles.  These pictures were taken with a votive inside.  I since changed to a tealight and now the skeles feet are visible.

Hope you are enjoying Creepmas.  Only two days to go!


  1. Wonderful! His poor, stockingless Lordship must be disappointed though.

    1. He will have to substitute his very old Christmas stocking sporting an embroidered bear.

  2. I just love the candles! Great Idea !