Monday, December 11, 2017

Creepmas Dinner Party

On Sat. last, as you may know, His Lordship and I hosted our first Creepmas Dinner Party.  As the guests were all Creepmas Virgins, you can imagine the level of suspicion and anxiety the invitation aroused.  They were probably thinking "what is this Creepmas and will it involve a blood sacrifice?"  Well lucky for them we kept it tame,  a meal and some drinks.  We'll introduce the gruesome stuff  next year! Below are some pictures of the table and preparations.  Unfortunately,  I did not take any pictures of the actual affair.  I get too busy and it slips my addled mind.

The Haunted Mansion view of the table.
The meal was a success. Plenty of mirth and Creepmas cheer was exchanged.  The guests ate the maggots and boar carcass without a gripe.  I even made a salad dressing slightly reminiscent of vomit and they ate that.  Thinking of ways to torture them for next year.  Toodles and hope your Creepmas dreams are coming to fruition.

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