Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Right-Wing Confusion Runs Rampant in Their Invented 'War on Christmas' @alternet

Right-Wing Confusion Runs Rampant in Their Invented 'War on Christmas' @alternet: The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel have released dueling “Naughty or Nice” lists.

Seriously though I love this last paragraph:

"Hopefully, next year AFA and Liberty Counsel can iron out this discrepancy so that conservative Christian consumers can know whether they stores they are patronizing are good, God-fearing businesses or evil misanthropes intent on subjecting Americans to the unimaginable horror of being wished a happy holiday."

Tee hee -the unimaginable horror!  If only they knew about Creepmas......

Monday, November 14, 2016

His Lordship Cometh

His Lordship has been away for sometime visiting his motherland.  While I am glad he got to go, I have missed him.  Weathering the pain of election results without my better half was lonely. 

You may ask why he is "His Lordship".  He was the next in line to inherit the family estate.  Alas, he was born a year to late. 
 So he remains a Laird without any land.  But to me, he will always be His Lordship. Welcome home darling.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Down in the Dumps

It is hard to be happy these days - first there were the post Halloween blues and now the post election blues.  The nightmare is just beginning and unfortunately, it is not something a haunter has created in their front yard.

I would like to return to an earlier time, a happier time - that is, two weeks ago. So here are some images of Halloween 2016.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

And the Winner is....

It was rigged I tell you, rigged.  Some of the most boring skeletons won, one of which I never saw because it was not visible from the street.  But I will tell you what all these skeletons had in common - a voting box in the store that sponsored them.  So the store could encourage tourist to vote for their skeleton.  Most places with a skeleton did not have a voting box, requiring the voter to remember the skeletons number, walk to a place with a box and cast a ballot.  So here are the result of the skeleton election:

1st Place Manitou Outpost and Gallery

I mean he's ok but compared to quality of some of the others?  First place? Are you kidding me?

 2nd Place
Goldminers Nuts & Candy

 I did not even see this skeleton.  While he's cute, he was not visible from the street through the window, which should have hurt his chances.  But low and behold, they had a voting box.

 3rd Place Mountain High Gallery and Gifts

I mean this is just a cluster-f*^%.  It is so bad they had to put a sign next to it to explain what it was.

So I will present Lady M's picks for best skeletons with honorable mentions.

First place - LeGrande Boutique's floating angel

Second Place - Brazen Bee's beautiful dreamer

Third Place - La Henna Boheme henna painted skeleton

Honorable Mentions:
There were so many great skeletons who should have easily beaten the top three and I would not have been bitter if any of these skeletons had won.

So I will take this up with the Chamber of Commerce for next year as I do not believe the voting was fair and needs to be revised.

Today the Votes will be Counted

Who did you vote for?  I hope it was for my team - number 19, The Manitou Heritage Center Skeletons. 

The chamber of commerce promised they would count votes today and announce a winner.  As for that other election?  Hell I voted by mail weeks ago.
I need to go there and take them down today