Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Countdown to Halloween

I have yet to give a shout out to the Countdown to Halloween.  As you can see from my badge, that I am a cryptkeeper.  If you have not been over to the blog page, check it out.  Lots of great Halloween happenings on all these participating blogs.  Now that the party is over, I hope to have time to visit each of them, perhaps make some new friends and follow some additional blogs.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Atmosfx Coupon from Shellhawk

A few weeks ago, I won a give away for a 25% off of AtmosFX digital decorations from Shellhawk over at Shellhawk's Nest.  At first, the coupon code would not work, but after contacting AtmosFX, the problem was fixed and last night I downloaded my products.  For the upstairs TV, I got the face making Jacks (mostly because His Lordship is a sensitive soul and too much gore makes him sick to his stomach). 
  The dungeon TV, however, featured The Head of the House.  A scary specter that does various interesting things with his head.

The products were fairly easy to download and work with.  We had to problem solve a few issues like have an old DVD player that would not recognize MP3 but in the end managed to find a movie making program and a device that worked.  One of the coolest things was that the TV reflected in the  basement window and all the party guests thought we had a ghost walking around outside.  So thanks Shellhawk!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Skeletons Just Keep Coming

Every time I go into town, someone else has done an amazing display.  Just look at the skeleton Pam put together at the LeGrande boutique.  She is truly grand.  Pam attended my party last night and let's just say, she's as much fun as her skeleton! 


Our gorgeous historic library has a storytelling witch with her pet rat. 

Gwen and Randy at the Avenue B & B have skeletons everywhere.  They really know how to haunt the place.

 The good ladies of the Brazen Bee have an adorable skeleton who is primping in the mirror with friends.  It was hard to photograph during the day through the window so I made his Lordship take me back at night.  Their hand-crafted products are amazing.

 I am not quite sure what Mountain High was trying to achieve with this one.  It just makes me shake my head, especially that dripping nose.

Oh this is what they intended. A sunbather?

Here is Randy of First Avenue B and B in front of the Whickerbill, a store he and Gwen acquired this year.  We caught them just setting up and came back later that week to photograph their window. 

Love that knife holder!

Ruxton's Trading Post embraced the old west theme with this hombre' and his rather malnourished dog.

Old Tyme Photography went old west as well.   Looking for a good time cowboy?

Border Burger Bar has a whole entourage of tiny chained skeletons.

The Mountain Living Studio Gallery has Van Gogh in the window complete with bloody bandage!
The folks at Lane Mitchell made their name sake into a skele - that's Lane making Jewelry!

Well that's all I have for now.   When I wander into Manitou next, I am sure to find more!



Saturday, October 22, 2016

Mr. Bones ambassador for the skeleton craze

Mr. Bones is having a busy fall.  Firstly, he was repurposed to join another skeleton in the Manitou skeleton craze display for the Heritage Center.
We replaced him with a pose and stay skeleton who then promoted the skeleton craze at the Manitou Brew Festival on Oct. 3 . Here he is pictured wearing his "Keep Manitou Weird" tie dye.
 Pictured below, at the event, is the new Mr. Bones (some fun loving member of the Heritage Center board rolled him a  toilet paper joint .  Did I mention that we sell legal recreational pot here in Manitou?)
This is myself, Baby M and the Twisted Sisters drinking liberally at the Brew Fest with Mr. Bones.

 At my party, Mr. Bones will play the piano with his faithful dog, Pugsly.  But instead of a bow tie, He will don his tie dye.  He is still smoking that doobee!


Haunted Ice and Signature Cocktail

Last night, I set up the drinks on the kitchen counter - wine, cocktails and nonalcohol upstairs and beer in the dungeon.  My signature cocktail is a vampire blood, aka pomegranate simple syrup, and prosecco.  I chose this because it is easy and I like prosecco. I made the simple syrup and the label for the bottle.

This years fun find was a gravestone chalk board at dollar tree.  It makes a great drinks menu.  I need to add a second c to prosecco.
I picked up some ice cube trays from dollar tree and am pleased with the results.  These cubes will be fun in my fugly ice bucket.

The big cauldrons contain water (so important at altitude) and non- alcohol drinks for those self-sacrificing designated drivers.  I will also make a virgin punch for those folks.  His Lordship and I both slept well in preparation for the nights event.  Let's party!!!

Friday, October 21, 2016

What haunters do when they can't sleep

The other night we had a black out.  I lit some candles, promptly began to photograph them, and discovered some new settings on my camera for night time shots.
When I could not sleep later, I crept about the house, lighting the haunt and taking more photos.   So here are photos taken in the wee hours.


His poor Lordship - I hope I did not wake him.