Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Last Day of Creepmas

My Readers - I have enjoyed a wonderful wacky sleigh ride of Creepmas fun with you.  Alas, it is over.  

Along the way, I have heard from many friends whom I would like to acknowledge here.  Thanks to Deborah She Who Seeks, Donut, Sarah the Geordie Goth, MK, The Insomniac, Dr. Theda, Mason, Haunted Eve, Old Fashioned Halloween, Spooky Vegan, Beth, and Neale for their supportive comments. I have also made a few new pals whose blogs I am now reading. Diana at Diana's Creation and Holly at Holly's Horrorland.

For my final post, I share my new fire grate.  We had it fashioned down at the Metal Mama's by Jason.  I gave him a very crappy design I made on photoshop and from that he created an awesome fire screen.
As a friend said, just channeling my inner Tim Burton. That's Grissom's voice you hear in the background of the video.

 And with that, I wish you adieu.

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