Wednesday, September 20, 2017


I went antiquing recently in search of some things for the house and ran across Halloween instead.  I spent a couple of hours at the American Classics Marketplace in Colorado Springs.  Much to my delight,  some of the booths were really channeling Halloween spirit.  Here are some spooky items I saw
This is detail from a radio stand featuring fighting cats - I love it!  I think it was $350.00 - Ouch!
Cat andiron for the fireplace.  Just love them but not $185.00 worth of love.
Octopi pillows - pretty cool
 If you like primitives, there was plenty to choose from.

 This old wheelchair would make a kick ass prop.  Put a skeleton in there and call it Great Aunt Gerdie.

 Booth number C7 really knocked my holiday socks off.  Their stuff was inspired and cool.
 Skeleton in an electric chair.  It lit up and made noises.
 The picture frames were very original.  Loved the finishes and artwork.

Look at this cool, old glass fronted cabinet
 And the skele feet they added to this little corner shelf.

 Loved this wire bird cage - very industrial.  I would paint that skull, however, for a better effect.

 More great stuff here.  I had to have the bat door knocker.  Don't tell His Lordship.
Here is another booth with a shabby chic farm house style.
 Love all these little rats!
The only damper was two non-Halloween lovers who seemed to be tailing me talking about how much they hated Halloween.  They were probably on their way to James Dobson's Focus on the Family! 

Here are my 2 purchases.  I envision putting some skeleton cameos in the frames.  The bat door knocker is just to cool.  I might have to leave it up all year.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Burning skull fun

I friend sent me a link to Formation Creations blog and their awesome burning skulls.
This effect is so cool I would love to do it in my fireplaces.

However, at $69.00 a skull plus shipping one is looking at about $1,104 worth of skulls in these pictures.  That is a little rich for my blood.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

I'm Back....

And it is about time too! 

Alas - it has been a rough year.  Trump was elected president and I am still depressed. Then in May, I lost my baby sister after an extended illness.  That was really sad and left me feeling grieved for a long time. A week later, my horse was diagnosed with recurring penis cancer.  And we moved house.

Due to this laundry list of stress and loss, I hope any of you who drop by from time to time can find it in your hearts to forgive my absence.  Blogging, for me, is a happy thing and I have not had a lot to be happy about recently. 

However, each of these situations has resolved in a positive way  (Except Trump - come on massive coronary!).  We had a memorial service for Juliet in July, allowing us to reconnect with family and to recommit to see one another.  I always thought we had plenty of time and my sister's untimely death at a young age proves otherwise.  So I have been making more of an effort this summer to visit family.

Juliet with Dixie
Casper will not have his penis amputated as the vet recommended but will live out his days on a beautiful farm in Canon city being the family horse to my barn owners sister.  They love him and will keep him until the cancer progresses and he is dying.  Then we will consider end of life options.  But until then, he is well loved by two little girls who have changed his name to milkshake.

Casper aka milkshake and his Candy Corn cutie marks

And the move.  We have sold and closed on the old house and have all the contents shifted.  I finally can sit back and feel some peace.

The new haunted parlor

So fall is coming.  I feel the Halloween spirit returning to possess me.  I am inspired to reconnect with my blog and readers and am looking forward to discovering all the exciting things being planned for the holiday.  

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baby M presents "Guillermo Del Toro"

Hi all. Baby M here! I’m taking over to show off a cool exhibit I went to this past Saturday at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.

Guillermo del Toro is the mastermind behind great movies such as Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak. He is a huge fan of monsters and horror and has a whole house (called the Bleak House) that is solely dedicated to his collection of artifacts, books, paintings, etc that he has collected or made over the years. The MIA was lucky enough to display some of his collection and I was lucky enough to be able to go.

There were some amazing things on display: life size models from Pan’s Labyrinth, concept art from Disney movies, lots of interesting paintings that I could see Lady M wanting to hang in her house. 

(Be warned, tons of pictures are below. Some of them aren't super great quality).

 Concept art for Pinocchio

 Inspiration for the faun in Pan's Labyrinth

 He is also a huge comic book fan

 This was one of my favorite paintings there
This guy said bye to us as we left the exhibit

Thanks everyone for reading!! Hope you enjoyed!