Friday, December 5, 2014

Creepmas Day 5: The Great Disappearing Act

Isn't it amazing how when that order from corporate America comes down to move out fall holidays and move in Christmas, the pumpkins disappear from the store shelves.  Forget that pumpkins are delicious and a great source of vitamin A and fiber and lots of other stuff.  Forget that they have a lot of uses from soups to stews to smoothies.  Forget that many pumpkins and gourds have hard shells and will last all winter. It is like someone waves a magic wand the day after Thanksgiving and poof, they are gone - vaminose, dropped out of site, cease to exist, exit stage left - just not there.  So I was so thankful yesterday when I went into my local grocery coop and they still had 3 left.  Better yet, because it was after the fall holidays, I got a deal.  All three for $2.00.
I'm pleased I found them because I got Creepmas plans for these babies - big plans.  And I did not have to resort to what I did in 2011 and dig them out of my neighbors trash:

My stash of post Thanksgiving pumpkins - a rare species indeed!

Thank you little local first grocer for marching to the beat of your own drummer.



  1. Ok - I will try to make it worthy of your anticipation.