Monday, November 28, 2011

Where have all the pumpkins gone?

So yesterday, in preparation for Creepmas, I was in the store looking for a pumpkin.  I thought at least I could purchase a small pie pumpkin and carve it up for Creepmas.  Alas, they had all disappeared.  Pushed out by chestnuts and gingerbread, there was not a pumpkin to be found.  Out of desperation, I purchased a spaghetti squash!  How pathetic is that?  Just when all hope was lost, driving through the neighborhood at the curb, I saw the biggest, most beautiful pumpkin.  I pulled it from my neighbors trash and then found another and another and another.  Yay for garbage day!  I'm not too proud to take my neighbors' rubbish. So get prepared for upcoming pumpkin blogs as I am flush, baby, flush!

Landfill fodder? Not this year.



  1. Nope - they were on the curb with the garbage - not in the bins or I wouldn't have seen them

  2. Hahaha, Lady M! You are very frugal. No need for those lovely pumpkins to go to waste.