Saturday, December 3, 2022

Pumpkin Carving

 I still have 3 whole pumpkins left from Halloween that I was planning on using for Creepmas.  Alas since I am not doing much there, I thought I would earn an adult merit badge by trying something new.  Hence pumpkin carving.  Not the traditional kind but actually carving the flesh.

The hardest part was removing the rind.  I thought a veggie peeler would do the trick but I was sadly mistaken.  I the end, I carved it off with a small kitchen knife.  It took a long time.

I recently purchased some carving tools at who gives a scrap.  I used those to transfer my skull pattern and do the actual carving. 

Here is how it came out.   My main take away?? I need better tools especially to remove the rind.

This pumpkin with be carved up and cooked as part of pumpkin week.  His Lordship is in for a globe trotting culinary celebration of pumpkin.  What a lucky man.