Sunday, June 9, 2024

A Pumpkin Rot Original

 Yesterday I arrived home to a mysterious package.  Upon opening, I discovered an amazing mummified, decapitated skull. It is so life like that I wondered if one of my enemies was sending me a warning.   Upon Reading the enclosed card, however, I realized it was a gift from pumpkinrot and Jenna Lantern.  

Isn't it amazing? I believe it is paper Mache'. I Can't wait to display it this fall in a dark arts cabinet. It is just so cool.  Thank you both so very much.  I am so honored to add such a work of art to my collection. 

 If you have never been to PumpkinRot's blog, it is one of the longest running and most esteemed haunter sites on the web.  With his partner Jenna Lantern, he does an outstanding haunt featuring his Bespoke creations.  He posts lot of great spooky content and often features other Haunts as well.  Check it out Here.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Halloween Corner

 I can't go full goth with my garden but I did put together a little Halloween corner.  Baby M got me three of those cute succulents for Mother's Day.  She also gave me those adorable Jack O' Lantern sticker faces for the pots.  I don't think they are gonna hold up to the Colorado elements however. 

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Spoonflower Wallpapers

 I am amazed at the fabulous wallpapers available to the discriminating witch.  Just look at some of these designs on Spoonflower: