Saturday, September 30, 2023

Deadman's Brew Fest

My Sister and I went to the Deadman's Brew Fest in Weidner Field.  It was a fun evening with a mini haunted house, lots of interesting beers and spirits to sample. and a costume contest.
I won the costume contest and this liquor gift card.

Only a minimum of people were in dressed up.  The most popular costume was Bob Ross, with 3 separate fellows in this.  This Bob Ross was our favorite.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Decorating at Baby M's

Baby M and I got her space all spruced up for Halloween with a witch cabinet and other spooky knick knacks.  Unfortunately her cats make it impossible to really go all out as they are so destructive.


Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Cabinet Makeover

I have this little display cabinet in the kitchen that holds mixing bowls and dishes.  Years ago, His Lordship replaced the antique glass with plexiglass so our little baby M would not fall through and slice her jugular vein. I had decided it was time for a makeover - how hard can it be?

Well months later, I can answer that question - fucking hard.  The varnish over the stain was thick and I used a gel stripper.  That took ages and was a mess.  Then the sanding lasted forever.  I was hoping to leave it a light color like lots of my other furniture, but alas, I could not remove all the remnants of the old dark stain which kept bleeding pink every time I cleaned it. Hence, I had to stain dark again.  It had to hang in the garage because it was off-gassing and it stunk.

Also, I discovered the back was cheapo veneered wood so that had to be painted as it could not be sanded and re-stained.

 I had the brilliant idea to do stained glass in the doors and designed two bespoke spider webs, each around 90 pieces of glass.  After a dozen glass cuts on my fingers and a lot of blobby soldering, I have finished my doors.

Time for some assembly and to get this bad boy back in the kitchen!

Monday, September 25, 2023

The Flowers and the Moon

 His Lordship and I walked to Manitou today .  I have to say I have not really explored town in a long while and it shows.  Up on Ruxton Ave. we have assorted new shops that all have a spooky vibe.  One of these is a plant shop called  Flowers and the Moon.

Their windows are dressed with a white spiders and a mushroom and lichen covered chair.  
Someone in this store is a creative genuis as I expect that they created these displays. They sell many amazing plants and planters.

Also lots of amazing knick knacks.

I purchased this little notebook for journaling.

So pleased Manitou is finally finding its spooky soul.  We have always been known for witches. Now let's own it proudly.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Dark Barbies

I went to see the Barbie movie.  It was cute and pink and I laughed a lot. however we all know I prefer things a little gloomier.  Here are some darker Barbies. 

 Vampire Barbie

Ghost Barbie
Zombie Bride Barbie

Dark  Forest Barbie

Witch Barbie

More evil Barbie here.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Do you want to Throw a party or Throw up?

 His Lordship hates throw pillows.  He just doesn't see the point.  I however, find them charming.  This year's throw pillow collections across the box stores leave nothing to be desired - THEY ARE ADORABLE.

At Homes Stores had a great big heap of them.
Cute skeletons, spiders and bats at JoAnns.

Love these at Ross.

Big Lots went big on the pillows. Love this Rest in Peace.

This collection at Home Goods was quite wordy.  Baby M was baffled over this one that look like a long coiled black poop.
Even Kirtlands ( who I was told years ago was not doing Halloween) has gotten into the action. Guess corporate has seen some dollar signs. 
So what do you think?  Are you passionate about throw pillows or do they make you want to throw up?   In the interest of preserving my long marriage, I did not bring any home.