Saturday, March 2, 2024

Cheeseman - the haunted park

 In the old capitol hill neighborhood, lies the most haunted of parks in Denver.  Before it was a park, the land was a cemetery with a gruesome history.

Early in Denver's inception, a windswept hill was chosen as it's cemetery, Mount Prospect.  Intended for the affluent, it soon became the final resting place for paupers, criminals and small pox victims. It was informally known as "Old Bone Yard", "Boot Hill" and "Jack O'Neil's Ranch".  Jack O'Neil was a popular gambler who was murdered and laid to rest at Mount Prospect.

By 1893, the surrounding well-to-do capitol hill neighborhood tired of the eyesore.  The city decided to change the cemetery to Cheeseman Park, leaving them with the monumental task of relocating the remains of the 5,000 people buried  there.  The city hire an unscrupulous undertaker, Edward P. McGovern to move the graves for $1.90 each.  McGovern hacked the corpes apart trying to fill as many childrens coffins as possible so as to earn the maximum allowed.  The mess he created caused such an uproar, that he was fired.

Families were then asked to come forward and claim their dead.  But about 2,000 corpses went unclaimed and hence, even recently, bones are regularly dug up with construction projects.

With so many bodies still around there are bound to be ghosts.  Reports of restless spirits continue to circulate including hundreds of whispering voices and moans that come from the grounds.  Children have been seen playing in the park during the night before they mysteriously disappear, and a woman is said to be seen singing to herself before she, too, suddenly vanishes.

 On some moonlit nights, the outlines of the old graves can still be seen.  Others folks claim that after lying on the grass, they have found it difficult to get up as if unseen forces are restraining them.  Yet more reports tell of strange shadows and misty figures wandering through the park in confusion.

 His Lordship and I saw none of these, enjoying a nice stroll through the park and commenting to each other about the peaceful setting. However, it is easy to pick out sunken spots of earlier grave sites.

On a more current note, the company that services the port-a-potties for the park is called Honey Bucket but I think Poo Pail is a more apropos name.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024


 While visiting Denver, His Lordship and I checked out the very enjoyable Museum of  Illusion.  It blew our minds and provided many fabulous photo ops.

How much fun is this??  It been years since I hung upside down by my knees.  His Lordship is pulling himself us with his super strong arms.

Trippy man

My Head on a plate
Hand stand on the city bus. That yoga is doing me a world of good.

Tilted floor or tilted us??

All these lines are parallel!

We also saw the Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon 50th anniversary show at the planetarium - It was very psychedelic.  If you have a planetarium near you, I would highly recommend it.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Tuesday Afternoon

 Remember that old song by the Moody Blues?  Anyway wanted to share a little Lady M art with you all on this Tuesday.


Monday, February 26, 2024

Haunted in Denver

 The Patterson Inn is considered one of the most haunted places in Denver.  His Lordship and I spent the night there on Sunday Feb. 25 to check it out for ourselves. 

 The Patterson mansion was built for Thomas B. Croke in the late 1800's. According to one account, he only ever entered the stunning Manitou Sandstone residence once and vowed never to return. However, other tales have him living there for 6 months.  Regardless, in that time, both his wife and mother passed away and, in his grief or relief, he sold the house to Thomas Patterson's family.

The residence has served many purposes from radio station to apartment complex and now is a beautiful upscale bed and breakfast. 

Over the years, people have seen the ghost of Thomas Patterson wandering the home. He died  in the mansion in the 1920's. Senator Patterson is thought to spend his time in the downstairs pub, which originally served as his smoking lounge.  Renamed the 12 spirits, after the ghosts that haunt the home, the pub is a cozy place to have a drink. His Lordship and l enjoyed one on the house with our stay.

There have also been reports of the sound of barking dogs coming from the upper story. Two guard dogs were found dead after being left locked up in the home one night. The dobermans apparently leapt from a third-story window to their deaths to get away from whatever.   We stayed on the third floor in room number 9.  We did not leap to our death although I considered it after waking up every hour and a half due to the heat in the room (we keep our house at 55 degrees at night to avoid "hot flashes"). That's our window to the left of the turret.

Other spooky things reported about room number 9 are talking and things moving "in the insulation" whatever that means. People have also done work in the home only to find it undone the following day. We, however, heard no voices nor dobermans barking while we stayed there.  The door knobs were awesome.

In the basement, the sound of a mother and child, both crying out from the dark have been heard over the years. It is said that a baby named Sarah had once died in the home and the mother, so distraught with her child’s death, buried it deep beneath the basement.

The ghost of Katherine, Senator Patterson’s wife, often turns the lights on and off in the middle of the night exclusive to unmarried couples staying in the Biltmore Suite, which was her room.  She does not approve of relations outside of wedlock.

Over the years, people have heard footsteps, knocks on walls, and disembodied voices and recently have been awakened by a ghost choking them - kinky!  The mansion has also been home to multiple suicides, a pregnant ghost and other strange occurrences.  All in all, a total of 12 ghosts are said to haunt it. His Lordship and I saw none of these specters but did enjoy a lovely breakfast - the staff made me a special vegan burrito!

Other aspects of this beautiful old property like the intricate stained glass windows and  woodwork, added to the ambiance.

All in all, a lovely stay at a gorgeous home.  Too bad about the ghosts!

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Bird Seed Skull

I found this bizarre bird seed skull at a funny  shop called "This Place is for the Birds".  I think it is pretty darn cute.  We put it out in our backyard with our other feeders but so far, the birds are not really all that impressed.  After 3 weeks, barely any of it has been eaten.

This gray headed junco is giving it a try.  I had to wait ages to get this picture because most of the birds just ignore it.

His Lordship took these of a female Cassins Finch.  She's is looking pretty meh about the whole experience.

Finally she put a seed in her beak.  But she just wasn't impressed and hasn't been back for more.  Even  the raccoons don't seem to dig it. 


Friday, February 16, 2024


 Oh it is a gloomy old winter day - bleak and cold with a threat of snow.  I am thinking about warmer weather and dreaming of my garden.

For the time being, I will have to be content with the plants on the front porch.
Anxiously anticipating the first bulb of spring - how about you?