Thursday, December 1, 2022

Just not Feeling Creepmas

I have been hemming and hawing over Creepmas for the entire month of November.  I have to admit that Halloween was a challenge, mostly because I had an injured knee and climbing stairs was not fun.  That left me feeling run down and less than enthusiastic about celebrating another holiday.  Plus, the Creepmas team who used to run the site won't be hosting this year.

So I might do a few Creepmas posts - I still have pumpkins. I might carve one of those.  I have a gingerdead house that may be fun.  Cookies are always nice to make and I have purchased some presents for love ones.  I won't get up to my usual 13 posts from Dec. 1-13 however.  I am planning no dinner party and probably won't decorate my house.  Yep my mojo is running low.

 Having said that though, just a short internet search on Etsy reveals so many makers who are embracing the season.  Fancy a little jewellery to show your Creepmas Spirit?  These makers have you covered.

 Yule Witch Hat Earrings image 1

 Lovely this has these adorable witch hats but hurry - only 2 available and in 5 people's carts.

These mini trees by CheleBelleArt are so sweet and come in many colors. 

Mint Green Spooky Skull Christmas Tree Earrings  Gothmas  image 1 

It would not be Creepmas without a little  Krampus. How elegant are these?   Just the conversation starter for those Evangelical Christian relatives.

Krampus Christmas Demons Dangle Earrings  Spooky Cool Goth image 1 

If horror is more your thing, nothing cries happy holidays like Michael Myers in a Santa hat.  Perhaps this will spawn an entirely new slasher series - Halloween has ended but Creepmas is just beginning.  I should pitch that in Hollywood. It's just the kind of banal, poorly hatched idea that might incite the film industry. You can find these Michael Myers earring at Born2BlossomDesigns.  

Michael Myers Christmas Earrings /  Merry Creepmas / Acrylic image 1

So if you are feeling the Creepmas spirit I hope you can find a little retail therapy to fill the void that my poor efforts will leave. 


Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Gothic Scrapbook

 Since I have scapbooked for years,  Baby M has asked me to construct her wedding book.  After all, who better then the woman who captured each of her first 18 years in acid free card stock glory?  I don't go in for these new digital scrapbooks - I like things I can touch.  

Firstly, she and I each shopped online and acquired some fun scrap papers.  We found, unbeknownst to one another, spooky autumn papers by Ali Daniels on amazon and each ordered a book.

I also found a beautiful book of Skull, Rose and Lace papers

Turns out two of the spooky autumn works great as we are doing a 12x12 album and the paper is only 8 1/2 by 8 1/2.

Next we planned the book.  I used to just launch in and start scrapping but about 8 books in, I realized that planning really makes a much better book with fewer mistakes and improved design.  We sorted pictures, decided on page themes, discussed where journaling was necessary, and gathered the ephemera we wanted to include.  Baby M pressed flowers from her bouquet so those are going in as well as the invitation and the save the date.

We are doing this all in a 12x12 creative memories book with black pages.  Now I must remaster the laser cutter at the library so I can customize the headers.  After all, If I try to order wedding laser cuts online, I will get a lot of white bells and doves rather than black spider webs and ravens. Better make my own.

Finally, I could not resist ordering two fun little paper punches online from a craft store in the UK.

These were affordable and the shipping reasonable.  I got a bat and a cat because nothing screams I married the love of my life like tiny paper bats.

Sunday, November 27, 2022


 Before the arctic blast in October, I was running into a lot of spiders around the haunted parlor.  Now I know a lot of you are spider phobic so you might want to leave.  This is not a post for those who do not embrace the dark creatures.

When we moved the cold frame, I found this guy.

I think this is a male black widow. 

The second interesting spider I saw was very big - about 3 inches across and Gray.  I think it was a wolf spider.  It came running out of one of the irrigation tubes.

I felt for this guy - I almost drowned him. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Images from the Coffin Races

 Dennis the Emu walking in the parade.

Best chew toy

That's one way to show off your werewolf

Stay puff marshmallow man in all his glory
Bee a wiener

Sunday, November 13, 2022


 A neighbor of mine is moving and he gifted me two scythes.  Who wants one??

I think they would make a terrific addition to any haunt, especially a scarecrow/country theme.  The only catch? You gotta come to Colorado and fetch it.

Friday, November 11, 2022

Skeleton Results

 I have held off on doing this post waiting for the results of the skeleton craze judging and voting to be announced officially.  But since it has been over a week and no press release is obvious, I am going to let you readers know the outcome.  

1st place was The MAC
2nd place was the fortune teller at Manitou Springs Real Estate.

3rd place and the peoples choice was the Hocus Pocus witches of Mountain West.

Best first time business was Jerry Garcia at Toasted
Honarable mentions included
Green Horse Gallery
Mountain High Gallery and Gifts
The Hemp Store
La Henna Boheme