Friday, January 17, 2020

Some of my own

Thank you dear readers for stopping by once again.  At this time I will unveil some of my interesting creations via the boss laser machine.  Now these are by no means on the level of Michelle's miniatures.  I make a lot of mistakes and it has been a long exhausting learning curve.  But still, I know you will be supportive because you are, above all else, a kind group of individuals.

Firstly we have cat on the broom coffee table.  Yes I know the legs are wonky.  I could be bothered to pull a ruler out and measure.  But then again, maybe I can't.

 Then there is spider web sofa table.  Hey Lady M, glue much?  Still, it has a homemade bespoke charm does it not?  I can see some spots where I need to touch up paint.

 Next we have a spider web table.  I did not make those chairs, just spray painted them black.  However, the cushions were made from a thong  I got with one of my corsets.  I think they came out rather good.

This armoire is an example of a fudge job after I totally screwed up the sizing of the pediment. It started as a piece of furniture - I just added the embellishments, paints and the pediment.
Well there you have it.  I only have a month so got to get back to designing pronto.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Michelles Miniatures

Hello readers - sorry to be so distant lately.  I have a lot going on in the Haunted Parlor.  Trying to learn the boss laser cutter, remodel the dollhouse, exercise like a banshee and cook like a vegan.  It is all very time consuming I can assure you.

Here is some inspiration for my Dollhouse project.  I ran across Michelle's creations while researching things I could create with my new boss laser cutting skills.  I just love her stuff.

You can see more here at her shop:

Saturday, December 21, 2019

A post for Debra

This post is in response to Debra She Who Seeks  "Dick the Halls".  I give you phallic Santa mobile.  This hangs above my dining room table and always leads to merriment and giggles during the holidays.

For further phallic fun, check out the Potionsmith's long necked yeti here.  It's got some of the hairiest balls - (ahem) feet ever.

Friday, December 20, 2019

Boss Laser Cutter

Went to the MAC today to get a tutorial on the Boss Laser Cutter.  Lets just say I have a hell of a learning curve ahead of me.  Today I cut some little spider webs that are really more like little bits of burned charcoal.  They are so fragile.
There is lots of Software to learn as photoshop does not really communicate with the Boss software - pixels vs. vector.  Hell four days ago I had never even heard of a vector.  Now I have to learn inkscape as in addition to Boss Software.  I hope my old brain can comprehend it and that I don't break their expensive machine.

Monday, December 16, 2019

Miniature Inspiration

Searching Etsy for decorating ideas for the dollhouse, I ran across this vendor from Spain who does such beautiful printable graphic designs.  I was really blown away by her store, Easy Print and Cut.  
Here are a few of her offerings:
This Wallpaper is so cool

A Nightmare Before Christmas Package

There are all sorts of Taxidermy Designs

I Believe this might be a kit for fighting vampires

Simply Beautiful
Check out the store Easy Print and Cut here.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Creepmas Gifts

Yesterday for Creepmas, his Lordship gave me this awesome skeletons doing yoga poses t-shirt.
I also got these fab yoga pants from Krampus, who shops at the LeGrande Accents Boutique.  Here they are in a downward dog.
And a shoulder stand
 Baby M got a blouse from Hell Bunny.

And she got me a Creepmas Sweat shirt from Too Fast.  You can see by the smile on our faces that we are thrilled with our gifts.