Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Photography of Beth

 I found these pictures on my google drive.  They were taken by my friend Beth back in 2016 and 2017.

This one looks like an old gnarly witch in a field of sunflowers.  It is really a tree stump.

We trespassed to place that little pumpkin in the window Oct. 2016.

Monday, August 15, 2022

Latheron Kirk

Here are some photos of my recent trip to Scotland taken at the Latheron Kirk which is now the Clan Gunn Heritage Center. It was a cold and foggy morning as we drove between the ferry at Gills Bay and Edinburgh.


Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Incredible Art of Susan Tumblety

This artist, Susan Tumblety,  came across my instagram feed and I think she is the bomb.  Her work is inspired by old Halloween graphics from all eras.  She paints anything including clocks, bowling pins, boxes, candlesticks, and lanterns. and sells through her Instagram page, Vintage Halloween art.     If you want one of her pieces, you need to move fast.  There are always multiple buyers for them as soon as they hit the market.



Monday, July 25, 2022

Talking Dirt

July is the best month in the garden.  It is a time to sit back and enjoy the results my hard work. 

The cauldron is looking good - I grew most of the plants pictured below from seed.


I am very happy with my Heliopsis "Bleeding Hearts".    I love the dark foliage with the vibrant orange flowers.  I put 3 in Memorial Day of 2021  and they are all big and blooming this year.  Each individual flower lasts for weeks - I have yet to dead head this one.

The Black Prince Snap Dragon had finally begun to bloom.   I can't say I think it matches its description of dark maroon blooms and bronze foliage however.

The Cherokee Sunset Gloriosa Daisy are truly glorious.  I grew those from seeds.
These Black Petunias are doing well and pair nicely with Red Salvia.
I grew all of this planter from seed too - Red Metamorph Marigolds with Carpet of Snow Alyssum and Coreopsis Tinctoria.  I swear if it wasn't for the garden this year, I would be losing my mind.
Hope you are enjoying your summer and finding some peace in the insanity.

Friday, July 22, 2022

Home Goods Halloween

 It has come to my attention from various social media platforms and my fellow bloggers that Halloween merchandise has hit the shelves at Home Goods.  Last year I took my dear sweet time and missed the best of the selection.  Hence, I went early.  It is interesting how the merchandise is everywhere throughout the store - dinnerware, pillows, linens, pets and the bathroom sections all had spooky displays.  I took photos of some of my favorites.

Dancing skeletons are always a good time.
Love this bat table/spider web table runner
Awesome pet treat jar
Like these spooky lotion dispensers
I don't know what this was for but I liked it.
More fun throw pillows - the bane of his Lordship existence.
This was cute - I think it is a cookie jar.
These would have been perfect for last years nuptials.
A couple of cute skeletons.
So you want to know what I purchased?? Nothing.   I can't believe how restrained I am getting in my old age.  I have enough Halloween stuff plus I am aiming to add 1 or 2 bespoke artist pieces to my collection.


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

A Debra She Who Seeks Original

 Happy day, happy day.  Recently I received a package from blogger extraordinaire Debra of the She Who Seeks blog.  In addition to crafting a highly entertaining blog,  she has been nurturing her artistic side with drawing lessons the past few years, give or a take a covid outbreak.  Being the pushy ballsy bitch a am, I suggested that I would love an Debra original for my haunt and voila - she delivered.  Look at the beauty below:

Isn't that fab? It's done with Prismacolor pencils.  Love the shading on the skull and the detail in the roses. 

But wait - that's not all.  She also got a new ink pen and created this fun piece:

Both are matted too.
Gonna find the perfect 5 x 7 frames to upcycle so I can feature these smiling skull in this years display. 

Think that lady's generosity ends there?  Nope - she also sent me a gorgeous tea towel.

So I have been wracking my brain on how I can say thank you and I think I have come up with the perfect plan.  Of course, it will take me a little while to execute.  Hopefully, I will have it done by next June.  

Thanks again to Debra for the beautiful, original works of art.  And if you have not checked out her funny, clever and sometimes deep blog, you can link to it at She Who Seeks.