Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Creepmas Gift Wrap

There are lots of exciting, bespoke Creepmas gift wraps. Ablackstar has an adorable collection of one of a kind wraps.
Jolly Jack-O-Lantern Christmas Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap image 1 
Merry Bat Christmas Wrap Creepmas Gift Wrap Christmas Wrapping image 1 
Creepmas Wrapping Paper Christmas Wrapping Paper Gift Wrap image 1 
But alas I did not get my act together at all this year to order some and I was only wrapping 4 presents, so I took my little bat punch and painstakingly glued bats to all this paper.  I found this fun shiny black ribbon at Who Gives a Scrap.



  1. The bats look very professional. And is that your writing on the last present? Quite elegant.

    Thanks for providing reminders of this alternative to the tired clichés of the standard holiday season. Are there Creepmas carols?

    1. Well I wish my handwriting was that elegant but no that is printed off of the computer. My handwriting is the standard chicken scratch. Creepmas carols usually involve taking Christmas Carols and playing them in a minor key. I think Carol of the Bells is already in a minor key so that is used a lot. Here is a link to one creepy version

    2. Yes! Why can't the stores play that instead of their usual insipid, grating versions of Christmas carols?

    3. I agree! Perhaps we would not get that headache. I would even mind if they played orchestra Christmas carols or the Nutcracker. But some celebrity belting out Santa Baby just makes me want to gag.

  2. Replies
    1. Glad it has the Debra approval. It is a gift for Baby M - something she wanted for her Halloween display.

  3. We have enough wrapping paper in a basement closet to last us for the rest of our lives... and our kids lives.

  4. I made several drawstring velvet bags for gift exchanges at home years ago. The last one finally gave out. Saved so much paper going in to a land fill before curbside recycling caught on. Pinking the edges on fabric scraps to wrap gifts was also a thing.