Monday, October 18, 2021

Another Bony Bunch

More skeletons appearing in the shop windows around Manitou.  Thirty businesses are participating this year. So far I think I have featured about 19 so 11 to go.  I took a walk last week with my niece who was visiting for the wedding (one of those creepy kids) and we found 7 more.

Goldminers Nuts and Candy has this jail bird in black and white stripes.

Brazen Bee Beauty, a handmade cosmetics store, has a beautiful witch making potions with her familiars.  There was so much going on in this window that I took a lot of pictures.

The Loop, our Mexican eatery, has a fellow who has had far to much tequila and is sitting on the mantle.

Armadillo Ranch is going with a Grateful Dead theme again complete with red roses and partying skeletons.
The Vault features a Native Coloradan - a bit of a mundane costumes, especially since he needs to wear an explanation of what he is.
Here's a fellow who needs no explanation in the window at Flying Eagle.  Jason even has victims.

Finally at the Mountain High Sportswear, the skeleton is so covered in spider webs, that it was hard to find him.

Well I hope you enjoyed today's skeletons.  Remember you can vote for your favorite here.  If you would like to review, links to my last three posts are here, here and here.  

Also if you have not been following along with the Countdown to Halloween, check it out.  Lots of treats to be had.



  1. The potions witch rocks! A lot of effort went into that window. I like the laid-back Mexican skelly too.

    1. I think the potion witch is one of my favorites.

  2. Saturday I saw a guy on a motorcycle with a sidecar that had a skeleton in it.

    1. That sounds like fun - must have put a smile on your face.