Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A Skeleton Invasion

 Here are a few more skeletons for your consideration dear readers from the fine shopkeepers of Manitou Springs, Colorado.  Over at the Wickerbill, a couple of Broncos fans greet would be shoppers.

The LeGrande Accents Boutique has an exquisite Maleficent aka Winona along with other dark delights in the shop window.
Salus has stitched together a lovely Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas.
Lane Mitchell, the jeweller who made Baby M's engagement ring, has dug up Miner Mike, who's motto must be Pikes Peak or bust. But this crusty old fellow who seems to be finding geodes not gold.

 6412 Shirt Company has this partiall skeleton buried in their petunias as well as the girl from the Ring.

The Barker House has done a huge display all along their back wall, a kinds of skeleton party.  I could not get it all in one shot so split it into two.

Finally, Theo's toys is doing a pirate with a Treasure Chest again.  I think you'll recognize him from past years.

Who is your favorite thus far??


  1. I think the pirate is my favourite and Miner Mike the least scary. Thank you for your visit . My Halloween folder is just a visual keepsake.

  2. These are all great, but my faves are Maleficent, Miner Mike (a very fine beard!) and the skeleton in the petunias!

  3. I haven't seen a skeleton I haven't loved! Sally, and her ecstatic expression, speak to me in particular. Awesome post!

    1. Sally is adorable - she just needs a bit more staging.

  4. The magical dude with the horns is great, but they all have character.

  5. Halloween needs a few skeletons.