Monday, November 30, 2015

Redecorating the Parlor

The parlor got an update - ditching the blue and gray in favor of some black and beige.  Let me know if  you approve or miss the old parlor.  How about the new font? Is it hard to read or just annoyingly curly? Anyhow, thought I would do some remodeling for Creepmas which starts tomorrow so stop by the 1st through the 13th for some creepy fun.  Looking forward to your visit.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Here's wishing everyone in the blogging community a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am enjoying the company of a beloved sister and brother-in-law.  Last night, we forced them to do karaoke.

Are you bringing a taste of Halloween into the Holiday?  I am using my new skull napkin rings to decorate the table.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

His Lordship comes through

Every year I rant like a broken record about where the pumpkins go.  Oct. 31st, Safeway has 15 huge cardboard boxes of pumpkins.  By November 1, they have vanished.  Were do they go?  To feed pigs? Stimulate zoo animals?   Your guess is as good as mine.  In the past - I have even dug them out of the trash.

This year, however, I got the brilliant idea to appeal to our online neighborhood chat group.  His Lordship put up a nice request for uncarved pumpkins and the response was outstanding.  We picked up all these beauties this week.  They will be fun for Thanksgiving and provide endless hours of Creepmas fun.  Even that painted one will clean up nicely.
 He also came through at the liquor store by buying me a bottle of Proseco - my favorite. Thanks to his Lordship for being so awesome.  To bad he never reads my blog and, thus, will be unable to bask in all this adoration.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Getting Harder to Sneak Around

So his Lordship recently retired and is home here often.  While I am enjoying his company and assistance, sneaking to post Halloween sales was a lot more difficult this year.  I had to smuggle purchases into the house with creativity unlike past years when he was away at work.  I did score two amazing pictures at Gordmans but have tucked them away till next year in a secret place.  That way, when his Lordships ask "where did those come from?",  I can honestly say, "I've had them for ages."  I hate it when he asks "Don't we have enough Halloween stuff?".

These pictures are great - they light up and are beautiful.  I will scour thrift stores because I really want some frames I can modify.

His Lordship got off easy. I was contemplating painting something myself which, while requiring expensive canvas, paints and new brushes, would have led to a whole lot of swearing.   He should consider himself a very lucky man.

You may be thinking, stupid woman, keep your mouth shut.  However, his Lordship never reads my blog unless prompted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Product Review

Last Halloween I purchased two new products - one made me happy and one made me crabby.  Firstly, I cannot say enough good this about these Martha Stewart pumpkin covers.  I used the large and medium size to cover lampshades and they were amazing.  Sturdy, attractive and reusable, they will be a product that makes my haunt year after year.   
However, this pile of crap fell off the wall within a day of being put up.  I thought a group of flying bats would look cool, but this crap doesn't stick to much.  Really disappointing and a waste of my money. The picture on the box is cool though.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

His Lorship's Sangria

Last weekend, his Lordship whipped up a little sangria.  Hmmm - it is so yummy.  His recipe includes red wine, brandy, 7-up, and orange juice.  The color is a beautiful blood red.

As you can see I was trying out my little picture frame/menu display from Kolhs while at the same time, drinking to a state of happy oblivion.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Just out taking a walk

Do you ever notice how you can drive a street 100 times and miss tons?  Walk it once, and it is like a whole different experience.  Last weekend, His Lordship and I decided to take a little aerobic exercise and walk the Intermann trail down to the Manitou Cemetery and back up the road to our house.  The cemetery was much more interesting on foot than when I have driven there.  It is bigger, full of wildlife, and has a real variety of great headstones.  I shall have to go back this winter for further exploration.  But the real gem of the walk was seeing these two beauties.

I can't tell you how many times I have driven past this house and just missed them. I have to get out more - of my car I mean.  That little girl has some cords so she swings and those eyes must do something.  I can't believe I never noticed her in action! Found a video of her doing her thing here.

Kolh's Finds

Kohls' still has some interesting Halloween stuff and if you are lucky enough to get one of their coupons, your savings could be significant.  I had a spend $15.00 get $10.00 off.  So along with some fine socks for his Lordship, I found these little beauties.  A picture frame which a think will serve as grandly as a way to display the drinks menu at the next soiree' and some ice cubes eye balls. Won't those be fun floating in the punch?

Friday, November 6, 2015

Deal of the Century

Wow - today I happened into a Walgreens and found what was left of the Halloween offerings 90% off.  Now how could I resist being a complete Halloween addict and all.  So I grabbed with both hands and still only spent a few dollars.  Here are some of my finds.
Candy corn and peanut butter m&m for owl cupcakes.  Heath bars for his Lordship and that amazing skull with light up eyes and a beautifully detailed candle.  I couldn't leave it behind - grand total - $1.34.
I found these beauties for Baby M's aspiring haunt - the price? 59 cents each.  They light up!

Also, for a mere $1.29, I got this great haunted house that has lightning lighting and thunder sound effects.  Just to cute.

Made the Local Paper

My small local paper asked for some Halloween Photos from its readership which I happily submitted.  And much to my astonishment,  I made the paper. Oh happy day!

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Post Halloween Blues

It's hard not to get the blues around this time.  I have cleaned up all the decorations and my house is back to the boring.  I miss the spooky, all the blogging both reading and writing, the anticipation, the purpose - I MISS HALLOWEEN. So to combat all this misery, I have decided to get onboard with Cat Winterfoxes Hallovember  and of course Creepmas from Dec. 1-13th. 

So in anticipation of these amazing events, I went to post Halloween sales with an eye on crossover crafts for the ongoing seasons and found lots of good stuff.  I even remembered as I was cleaning up to keep the Creepmas stuff in a separate tote so I would not have to pull everything back out looking for tree ornaments or glittery skulls.

Plus, while it is fresh in my mind, I made a tote of all project things - stuff that needs repairs and modifications.  Those crafts like gargoyles requiring of a new coat of paint or LED candles desperate for some hot glue drips.  This is all wishful thinking however, as next September, I will open that tote and say "oh yeh, I meant to..."