Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Little Local Grocer That Could

Tomorrow, I will be absent from the computer as I must volunteer at the grocery cooperative.  As a member owner, I support the local food movement here in our small community.  Our little grocer, called LGF or Local First Grocer is committed to local, fresh organic produce and is really producing a cottage food industry around town.  Recently, they got a whole bunch a gorgeous, locally grown pumpkins.  I got a biggie for my front porch - can't wait to carve it.

My big pumpkin
I got these crackers there too - I liked them because they are orange and black.  Perfect for my parties.


  1. Hooray for the hippy dippy mart! I see you have an apothecary too. We have an amazing village witch here, she's supposed to be the best herbalist in the west coast!

  2. You said it - Hippy, dippy all the way. I did not include the picture with the shirtless, barefoot, dreadlock wearing hippy youth in the background. Our little town is affectionately known as "hippy mayberry" and it if full of hippies and witches.