Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Holiday shopping

So, after much encouragement from all my fellow bloggers, who shopped early and well, I finally hit the retail chains last Friday.  I have to admit I was a might disappointed - lots of glitter and nothing that really jumped and screamed "BUY ME".  But I have been decorating all weekend and much to his Lordship's delight, I have came up with a modest shopping list for this Halloween.  So I started Monday.  Onto Lowes, where all the blue light bulbs were sold out. Then another and another and finally today, I found blue light bulbs at the spirit superstore. Same thing with the 3 white sheets I needed for furniture - 1, 2 ,3, thrift stores later, finally some white sheets.   Finding ashtrays for my smoking friends was even harder - those things are an endangered species! Lastly locating  10 candles for my candelabra was a nightmare. I found 8 at one Michaels but the two additional Michaels stores in my city did not even carry the Ravenswood Manor line, leaving me to fill in the last two with candles that don't match from At Home. Luckily, the lighting will be dim.  Please, please tell me you all suffer the same fate.  I am beginning to feel like I am spinning my wheels for nothing. Perhaps I should get my act together. Is July to early to begin decorating?

On a happier note, the haunted slim down is going well.  After a week of sensible eating (three light healthy meals and 2  healthy snacks a day), the corset is much more comfortable.  In another week it ought to be comfortable over my dress and then I just have to maintain till Halloween. 

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