Monday, October 6, 2014

Little Halloween Tree

Unpacking the Halloween decorations for the first time in two years is yeilding all sort of suprises -  things I purchased on sale still new and in the box.  It's like Christmas or should I say the Nightmare before Christmas.  Anyhow one of my favorite things is my Little Halloween Tree.  Back many ages ago, I blogged about wanting a black Halloween tree for Creepmas on Saturday, December 10, 2011.
Low and behold, I actually got one, packed it up and forgot it was there. What fun it has been to find it again!
And I found all sorts of wonderful trimmings I got with it at the same time.  I am sure his Lordship appreciates all the money I save him buying everything on clearance.


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  2. Whoops! Sry! That's going to be a good looking Halloween Tree! Saw some vintage Halloween character ornaments the other day and was thinking it would be cool to have a little Halloween tree. I love the vintage decorations but never have done anything as cool as a tree.

    1. Vintage ornaments would be great- I don't have anything as cool as that.