Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Happenings in the haunted parlor

I have gotten about 75% of my interior decorating done - that's really most of what I do.  So here are a few results

I am really pleased with how the décor looks in front of the rock wall in to basement although I know that is the world's cheesiest skeleton.  I got him at Spirit two years ago and just had not taken it out of the bag.  It definitely needs some painting or corpsing.  But alas, this year there is no time. I also need to find a way to hide the cords. I am digging my Martha Stewart spiders in the stairwell and my silly panty hose covered lamps.


  1. That's not a bad looking skeleton, and he loos cool against that stone wall. I really love that wall sconce though! Has a very antique primitive look to it against that stone wall. Creepy looking apothecary too!

    1. I go those sconces at Target years ago when they had good decorations!