Friday, December 2, 2011

Sinister, Unhealthy Swiss Christmas traditions

When I live in Switzerland back in 2001, I was told by my painting instructor about a quaint Swiss Christmas traditional.  Santa not only keeps a naughty and nice list but he brings the muscle to back it up.  Thats right - he travels with Schmutzli. Schmutzli resembles Santa with a beard and cloak except that he is dressed in black. He carries a broom for whomping naughty kids and a sack to take them away if they are really bad.  I found the Swiss children to be very well behaved!

Another interesting item acquired in Switzerland was a sweet little advent calendar made by playmobile.  It features Santa and a couple of  angels baking in a heavenly kitchen.  It was cute until Santa and the big angel decided to go all psycho.

Finally, the Swiss are really health conscious except when it comes to smoking.  Their Christmas decorations are even hooked.  Here is one of my favorites in the form of a wizard.  He enjoys a good pipe.  His feet come off to reveal a small stand for burning incense.  Once back together the incense smoke exits his mouth.  I tried to take a film but the smoke is impossible to see.  He has many uses such as masking the smell of a litterbox or convincing your mom that he's the only one in the room smoking.



  1. LOL--the playmobile set-up is hilarious! I lived in Germany for about 4 years and I remember well the smokers! also remember the bad Krampus guy that accompanies St. Nicholas, the kids setting out the shoes and all that. fun!

  2. So many things to love about this post. I want my own smoking wizard!

  3. Merricat - thanks for the inspiration via your Krampus post. It was largly due to you that I remembered Schmutzli. The Swiss still parade him about only I think he doesn't beat their kids any longer. I read somewhere online that he hands out candy instead.
    Pam - So cool that you lived in Germany. Do you speak the language?

  4. Hehe!!
    I remember hearing about him in Switzerland.

    Also, I love the smoking man you chose to display. But I'm surprised that you didn't do a group picture with all of them.

    And of course the advent calendar. The year we did that was the best!

  5. The other smokers are far too jolly - I did not feel that they represented the Creepmas spirit. But they are waiting for you....

  6. That sounds kind of sketchy...

    Like they are going to kill me or something...

    You could get a picture of them beating Winnie


  8. Lizzy made the advent calendar!!!