Thursday, December 1, 2011

The First Day of Creepmas

  Merry Creepmas everyone.  It is finally here - seems like I have been waiting forever.  In honor of  this glorious holiday, I carved my first ever Creepmas pumpkin.  Or perhaps I should say Creepmess.  It did not come out at all like I imagined.  Since I purchased lino carvers at Michaels, I thought I could just follow Martha Stewart's directions and get an amazing product.  If you would like to see these instructions, you'll find them here

  However, easier said than done at least for me.  I tried to do the Creepmas logo and but really ended up  "mocking and mangling this joyous holiday".  I intended to do the "the 13 days of "part and punched many holes but completely chickened out when the big letter were so hard.  Anyhow below is my recycled and refurbished Thanksgiving now Creepmas pumpkin for your enjoyment or perhaps your ridicule, whichever you prefer.   Just think of it as a pumpkin with a skin disease. Merry Creepmas and I will chat with you tomorrow.


  1. aww, I think that jack o looks great! and a great way to start Creepmas!

  2. It looks great! Thanks for helping celebrate the First Creepmas!

  3. Pam is right, it does look good! Merry Creepmas!

    Love the use of the "mocking and mangling" line.

  4. Jag älskar den.

    Jättebra på pumpan mamma!!

  5. Thank you Pam and Merricat for you kind words. They encourage me to try again. Dex I wouldn't have missed Creepmas - I always get the post Halloween blues but Creepmas has really given me something to look forward to. And as for the little Swede, thanks for loving the pumpkin, Pumpkin.