Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Skeletons so HIGH

 Here is a collection of  more skeletons some of which are high, both literally and figuratively.  Totally nuts always does something totally nuts.

The Barker house has installed these lovelies in the cupola.

The skate shop manage to get this one up here.  They must have has a tall ladder.
Well here at Toasted, a new small restaurant, we know Jerry was always toasted.  They have a great vegan avocado toast by the way that featured watermelon radishes.

Another Jerry Garcia and friend here at the Armadillo Ranch.  The glare of the window only leads to the feeling of being stoned.

La Henna Boheme gives flower child a new meaning.

But their witch is really high - she sits atop their roof and is one of my favorites thus far.

Here she is at night
Here at The Keg, the skeleton has had one to many and can't even sit up straight. 

 The Kill Your Culture shop is all about the high.  Their Stranger Things skeletons are playing D & D.  This is a notoriously glaring window that is so hard to shoot pictures through.

At The INNhale, Manitou premier cannibis hotel, the skeletons are high, both literally and figuratively.

Well hope you enjoyed getting high with us in Manitou Springs at 6400 feet. 

 Countdown to Halloween is still going strong here.


  1. Oh, the flying skelly witch is magnificent! It's the angle of her broom and that cape flowing out behind her -- creates a real sense of movement and action!

  2. Jamie here--I love the mermaid skeleton.

  3. Why doesn't that surprise me? I hope your mermaid costume is coming along nicely.

  4. My daughter and SIL have one skeleton that they just threw into a bush. After seeing these I may have to go over and help them "up their game".