Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Creepmas Day 1

I got my little Creepmas Tree up.

I took me awhile because I wanted to make a tree skirt for the base.  I found a big piece of white felt at "Who Gives a Scrap", measured a circle using a string tied around the trees trunk and proceeded to sew felt bats ( from the dollar tree), little Santa hats, and black ribbon.

Since I did it by hand, it took hours and hours.  I passed the time by listening to Dr. Michael Gregors "How Not to Diet"  audio book.  Lots of great information there for anyone interested in regaining your waist line and your health.

But back to the tree skirt. I hope Baby M appreciates this priceless heirloom I just made as one day it will be hers!

I topped the tree with this adorable little spider ornament I got black friday at Who Give a Scrap's makers market. 


  1. Your tree skirt -- sorry, I mean New Family Heirloom -- is AWESOME! And so is that beaded Black Widow ornament! Happy Creepmas, dear Lady M!

  2. I want to learn how to make that spider ornament - it can't be too hard.