Thursday, November 4, 2021

Skeleton Craze Winners

Hello - I know you have been anxiously awaiting the skeleton craze results.  They actually came out Monday but I was too busy putting the haunt away to blog.  I am happy to say it is completely packed away for another year.  So as to not keep you in suspense any longer, here they are:

Peoples Choice (this is the category I encouraged all of you to vote for)

Kill Your Culture - Cheech and Chong.


In first place in the judged results, we had Brazen's Bees witch with her helpful pets.

In second place, Manitou Springs Real Estate Ascending Realtor

 In third place, Mountain West "It".  Since the window glare was so bad, I had a difficult time really capturing the detail in this window. 



Honorable Mentions include

Rocky Mountain Beignets "Bayou Boater"
D'vine Wine "Love Potion"
LeGrande Accents Boutique "Sorceress of Manitou"
Barker House Dumpster Garden "Overkill"
Southwest Silvers "Madam Moldavite's Misfortune Telling:Commune with the Living".


  1. I really like the witch brewing with her cat. But Debra is right, "worthy winners, one and all!" Thank you for sharing them with us.