Thursday, October 7, 2021

Playing with Knobs

Ha bet I got your attention.  No I am not descending into the territory of need a graphic content warning.  I am playing with some drawers pulls I got over the summer off of Etsy.  A picture can be placed between the metal base and the clear cover.

Originally, I got them for a decoupage dresser project. But I did not like them so had lots leftovers.  I have always intented to change the cabinet hardware in the basement bathroom so I printed some skulls on old newpaper, cut them into circles and put those inside.  I think they match the theme pretty well.


These pulls I made for the Dollhouse and the little table I got for free to place the dollhouse upon.
Finally, I used the last one for the spider clock.


  1. That's quite the bathroom! Really designed to scare the crap outta people, eh?

  2. You know it - crapping is important. Forget the laxatives, just come into my bony bathroom. Bwa ha ha.

  3. what a terrific idea! Brilliant idea with the newspaper as well.

  4. I just went through your Halloween posts. Really cool! I used to be kind of crafty. But, I've gotten lazy in my old age. :)

    1. Well thanks for stopping by the Haunted Parlor. I am lazy 9 months out of the year. In August, I get my butt in gear for the upcoming holiday. November 1 rolls around, lazy again.

  5. Don’t think I would spend long in your bathroom! Do you change the decor for Christmas or just add a bit of tinsel?