Monday, October 25, 2021

Oddities and Fear Fest

 Baby M and I are headed to the Oddities and Fear Fest Saturday.  One of my friends from the stained glass world had a booth so I showed up to support her. Naturally we dressed for the occasion.

 The vendors were fun and varied with a couple from Manitou Springs.  There was a lot of real dead stuff. I can't say I was the least bit inspired to purchased a beaver fetus in formaldehyde.  The smell of that chemical  makes me sick. Plus cutting boards paying homage to Jeffrey Dahmer are just not my thing.

For entertainment, they featured a circus who were a bit novice.  The  juggler repeatedly dropped  his meat cleavers yet his fingers stayed intact.  That was my first clue that the cleavers were fakes.

Hellscream Haunted House and the Haunted Mines had a fun booth. I enjoyed hanging around with them.

There was also a hearse display so Baby M and I got up close and personal with these.

The booths were fun and I liked the wares of quite a few vendors.  I plan to do a separate blog on some of my favorites and my purchases! I bet you can't wait.   Cheers and head over to Countdown to Halloween for more seasonal fun!


  1. Oh man, that jacked-up hearse! With blood dripping down on to the back bumper -- nice touch.