Sunday, October 24, 2021

Even More Skeletons

So despite there being so many skeletons, about 18 of them failed to register with the Creative District.  So we only judged 30 but I counted about 48!  Many of the ones who did not register are repeats from past years.  If you are a long term follower, you'll recognize them.

Green Horse Gallery initially told me they were not going to do a skeleton but then dragged this guy out to do a little voting motif.

Maggies Farm, our local recreational Marijuana store, presents Paul.
Piramide has a well dressed gal in the window, modeling some of their wares.
D'Vine wine did a fun vignette of the owner Eric making some wine in a cauldron that they affectionately labelled "Love Potion".
 The Iron Springs Chateau, who puts on a funny Yukon style melodrama, has this pirate and his caged prisoner.  Sorry for the poor pictures - glass glare again.

Lastly Sunwater Spa has this lovely attempting to gate crash to mineral springs soaking tubs.  Love the action here.

Remember to vote for you favorite.  You votes counts here!


  1. The first one is civic-minded..... well, the Republicans do keep claiming that the dead are voting in elections.....

    1. That guy will probably become a Republican voter conspiracy meme.

  2. I hope the guy in the wheel chair wasn't waiting in line for service. Sometimes I feel like that.

    1. No they actually put him the garden in his wheelchair with a rake - seems kind of mean.