Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Target Blog

 Our Target still had lots of great items left in stock and many I liked.  But my budget is kind of blown for this year and I don't need anymore Halloween stuff.  Still it was a better collection than they have had in while.  These were my favorites.

Spooky terrarium

Great dog skeleton - this was as you can see already in someones basket

These items were not with the regular Halloween but were in homewares.  Love the raven foot candle holders.  They also had lovely wreaths.  I hope this is a trend for Target to have gothic homeware. 


  1. I like those raven foot candle holders too!

  2. Those candle holders would look great behind a curtain that is a foot off the floor.

  3. My store did not get the raven claw candleholders so I bought mine online. Had no idea there were 2 sizes I have the taller ones. They are part of my home decor so they don’t count as more Halloween. Yep, sticking to that story.