Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Halloween Antiques

Every year , I head to the American Classics Marketplace in a hunt for unique Halloween Items.  In the past, I have gotten some really fab finds there. Perhaps I am a bit early, but Halloween was in short Supply.  Still, I managed to find some creepy stuff.
This mask is well, very weird plus the mannequins nose is showing through the mouth adding to that sense of creepy.

A few small glitter pumpkings for sale

This bizarre skull bowl

This booth had some very beautiful taxidermy for people who decorate for Halloween all year long.

Cool witchy stuff for spells. I believe she was here last year.

Crystle Ball for your fortune telling needs

Fun little Gargoyle statue

Yeh - don't ask me to explain this......

Some fun branding

Like I said, I go every year and usually find some amazing vendors.  Unfortunately, I think most of my favorites have moved on, never to return.  I did pick up a couple of things.  This cute Pumpking candle holder for instance.

And this lovely urn which I painted and filled with flowers for Baby M's nuptials.


  1. Eating my morning Cheerios and milk from the skull of my enemies appeals to me more than it perhaps should.

  2. My daughter has a candy bowl that has an automated hand that pops up when someone reaches into the bowl.

    1. I have seen those -jump scare for greedy trick or treaters.