Friday, December 6, 2019

Creepmas Day 6

Creepmas Crackers

I made some homemade crackers for tomorrows Creepmas Dinner. I don't know if these are a holiday tradition at your home, but as his Lordship is a Brit, they are at ours. The construction consists of cardboard toilet paper rolls, stuffed with salt water taffy, a joke and a black paper crown, and covered in wrapping paper. The ends are then tied off with curling ribbon.  I opted for this route over conventional crackers because I am trying to reduce my waste and I had most of this stuff already.

This is one of those crafts that (as Donut over at the Potionsmith says), resulted in a lot of swearing and the occasional throwing of said craft across the table in frustration.  When I began, I said to his Lordship "I will make all our crackers from now on". Needless to say, I have reneged.


  1. Oh, they're so beautiful! You must show us the black crowns inside when you wear them at dinner! Christmas crackers are a tradition here in Canada too, imported from England.

  2. I know where I get my temper from when it comes to doing any kind of crafts.
    But also they look great! Cant wait for dinner tomorrow!

  3. It is Saint Nicholas' Day today. Time to read about the Legend of Saint Nicholas, which is actually very scary.

  4. familiar with this tradition... in the States we call them "poppers"

    1. It must be a southern thing because in Chicago we never had them at all growing up.

  5. Blood, swears and tears. The unholy trinity of appeasing the craft gods. Well your “ritual chants” must have worked because they look beautiful.