Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Results of Skeleton Craze Judging

The skeletons were judged in 4 categories - Most creative, most integrated into the business, scariest, and funniest.

Here are the results:

1. Most creative

Anna's Apothecary

I think this is a beautiful skeleton but as for creativity, Lady M chooses the Common Wheel Art Gallery

2. Most integrated into the business
Won by the Green Horse Gallery for their painting skeleton. He's a cool skeleton.

Lady M personally chooses this Hipster skeleton at Red Dog Coffee House since he actually interacts with the patrons. You can't get more integrated than that.

3. Funniest
This was won by the skeleton at Eagle Dancer.  I did not even get a picture of this skeleton since it was not displayed in the window nor was outside.  I find it hard to believe any business should win when their skeleton is not visible to the meandering public.

My pick for funniest are the 1950's skeletons at the Piazza Novona.  When I first saw this pair they just cracked me up.

4. Scariest
This was won by Swirl Wine Bar. 
My scariest pick is the chef skeleton at the Create CafĂ© who had cut off his hand. 

Hope you have enjoyed the Skeleton Craze for this year.  Plan a visit to Manitou Springs, affectionately known as Hippie Mayberry,  and check us out.  It is a fabulous place for a vacation.  We got witches, skeletons, coffin races and hippies!

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