Saturday, November 4, 2017

Packing it up

I have said that the haunt goes up over the course of weeks and comes down in days and this year is no exception.  My pointy witches hat goes off to those amazing haunters that can set up and remove a display on Halloween Day.  What an attention span and work ethic!  I, unfortunately, lack both.

This year at the Hillybilly Haven, I have a new storage option.  Introducing (drum roll please) the room over the garage!

It is limited to what can fit up the ladder hidey hole.

I have been after his Lordship to fix this ladder.  It is extremely wonky.  Knowing that I go up and down it regularly, I ought to check to see if a new life insurance policy has been obtained.  Perhaps his Lordship is in the market for a younger Lady M.

It even has a work shop where I have set aside all the things I will craft in the coming year. 

 I always like to dream big after Halloween. Check out that retro orange shag carpet!

There is no heat so I will have to restrict crafting to warm days.

In this window, I found a lot of flies, begging the question "where is the body buried?". 

I have moved a lot up here and am thrilled to have this space. Hope your haunts are not giving you storage head aches.

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