Friday, October 3, 2014

You know you picked the right guy when he gives you spiders!

So his Lordship and I attended the lovely Manitou Arts Festival this past Labor Day and we saw another outstanding spider sculpture.  But the price tag was a bit steep and I declined even though I really wanted it. Later that day, while sitting and watching the band with an IPA in my hand, Lord M left for a potty break. I should have gotten suspicious - it never takes that man 30 minutes to take a whiz! But being a very trusting wife, I assumed he was having a chat with another local or some such thing.  The next day, he returned to the festival on his own to "watch a reggae band". Instead, he was really fetching the spider art work that he had purchased as a surprise on his toilet break the day before.  Such a thoughtful man! Here it is in all it's glory:

So thank you Lord M for this beautiful piece of artwork.  You really know how to woo your Lady!

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