Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's Fall in Colorado when.....

The days grow shorter and the nights are brisker - fall is in the air here in Colorado.  Some of our telltale signs are:

1. The Elk Start to Bugle. 

 Through out the spring and summer, male and female elk live in separate herds.  But in the fall, they join up.  The boys try to keep as many gals for themselves by bugling.  All day and all night big, full antlered bulls run around screaming.  This intimidates smaller males and says "all these girls are mine".  The females seem unfazed by this craziness and continue to graze and do normal elk stuff.
Male elk bugling in Rocky Mountain National Park
Female Elk doing normal elk stuff thinking "how much longer do I have to put up with this bugling fool?"

2. The Aspen Trees put on a Glorious Display

 Under the bright blue skies, standing in one of these groves being bathed in warm golden light is just surreal. The mountains with the aspen groves turning yellow, orange and sometimes red make for spectacular views.

3. Birds are Migrating

Through out the fall, our birds head south.  We have kept the hummingbird feeder well stocked with homemade food to help fuel their journey.  No sodium benzoate or red dye number 5 for my hummers.  Homemade is easy - 1 part sugar to 4 parts boiling water.  However, I do wash my feeder often to prevent mold from growing.  Diluted vinegar works great for this. Lately, all activity at the feeder has stopped so it really must be fall.

Broadtailed hummer at the feeder

4. The Pears are Ripening

Our pear tree is loaded with fruit this year.  I am making a crumbled, juice and will have to try my hand at a pie.

5.  The Peak is Getting Snow

Every time it rains, Pikes Peak gets a dusting.  Just a reminder of what's to come this winter.

6. The Bears are consuming 20,000 calories a day

Preparing for hibernation is a bear.  So this lovely lady is eating all she can.  Usually out of a trash can that some silly human forget to put away.

7.  Lady M had Begun to Decorate the Haunted Parlor

Actually, I started in Aug. but who cares?  The witch cabinets are almost done and the tombstones lie half finshed in the garage.  Oct. 25 is my deadline as we are hosting a party so onward Halloween.



  1. Hope the Haunted Parlor gets complete in time! Beautiful time of year up there I bet.

  2. Very Beautiful indeed - we are enjoying an exceptionally lovely fall. Thanks for your comment Mark.

  3. Fall seems really beautiful and colorful over there! :)

    1. The colors are especially bright this year Emelie