Sunday, December 11, 2011

More uses for old pumpkins

So I rescued these fellows from certain destruction the Monday after Thanksgiving and I have been thinking of ways to use them.  The following is a list of more eco-friendly ways to utilize a pumpkin than to toss it in your local landfill.

1. Carve it

 You can carve it for Creepmas or do your own personal salute to Krampus.  Krampus is my new favorite holiday icon thanks to Meericat over at Blackwood.

2. Salute blogs you follow

A tribute to the Queen
3. Cook with them

I made my own pumpkin puree to replace what I buy in the can.  It was easy.  Firstly, halve and clean your pumpkin, the bake it in a big shallow pan flesh side down at 350 degrees in 1/2 inch of water.  I cooked mine for an hour.
Before cooking

After cooking
Then remove the skin and puree the flesh in the blender.  And it ends up looking like this.  Now you have fresh pumpkin puree to add to pies, bread, cupcakes ect.  Below are some things I used my puree for in addition to freezing a bunch for the future.

pumpkin bread

pumpkin smoothie
pumpkin cupcakes

4.  Throw them in your composed pile

Definately the most eco-friendly way to dispose of old pumpkins.  Throw them on the compose and make a high quality soil amendment for next year.

Creepmas is definately winding down. Even the Mums are reminding me that it's time to start focusing on that other Holiday that will be upon us shortly.
Christmas tree mums - they just grew like that.  I had no hand in it.


  1. Great ideas. That smoothie looks tasty! I still have two outside (can't believe that aren't moldy yet) -- think I may cut the seeds out and plant them... hmm

  2. Cute!

    I liked everything you did with those pumpkins.

  3. Bewitchy - Plant the seeds in the ground to make more pumpkins! That's a great way to use your old pumpkin!
    Purple_artic - When you come home, I will make you pumpkin bread. Lord M and I scarfed that loaf in about 14 hours. It was yummmy!
    I also made a custard in a pumpkin that was supposedly George Washington's favorite dessert and was the ancestor of modern day pumpkin pie but I did not blog about it. It came out looking like gray brains and it tasted ok right out of the oven but was gross a couple of days later. I tried to heat it in the microwave but it exploded covering the whole oven with gray brain gook. I much prefer pumpkin pie.

  4. makes me feel so much better knowing you rescued those pumpkins from the landfill! :)

  5. hahahaahah gray brains

  6. Love that frog on a pumpkin. How cool is that!