Saturday, December 10, 2011

Creepmas present ideas

Creepmas is winding down and now we get to the heart of every good Holiday season: Consumerism.  So here are some present ideas for me and maybe something for you too!
When I was a kid I loved this book.  Its about a group of  witches who specialize in breeding nasty black cats.  Through the miracle of genetic diversity, they end up with a sweet yellow kitten and the mayhem ensues.  So cute and fun.  Read a great review about it here:

I think the witches are supposed to be distressed in this picture
but when I was a kid, I thought they were doing ballet.

Are you a big spender? How about a sofa for your haunted parlor?  I think this one is great - available from Coffin Couches

Or perhaps your on a budget this year?  I love these canvas wall hangings from The Victorian Trading Co. In fact I love a lot of their stuff.

A gothic ragdoll is always nice. She's available from

Etsy has a lovely assortment of Spider Necklaces if you fancy.  This beauty is at

How about the retro Which Witch board games? Warning these are selling for well over $100 on Ebay

How about a black or orange Christmas tree?  Garden Ridge has them in every color of the rainbow.

Here's a mug with a suprise at the bottom.  Available from

Or sconces - I really need some sconces for over the fireplace.  I found this one

 Or there is this one. Available from

How about some bed sheets?

Or a new lamp?

Finally, the parlor really needs a new ceiling fan along these lines

So now you know what I'd like.  What's on your Creepmas wish list?


  1. I'm getting that mug for Lizzy! Good find.

  2. some really great stuff here...think I could use a lot of these things as well! :)

  3. Pam - You are talented enough to make these things. Really - I looked at the pictures of your last haunt. They are "hauntingly" beautiful.
    Jackie - I wish we had talked before I ordered off of the amazon wish list!

  4. Awesome list! So many cool things.. esp. the book and the ceiling fan!

  5. YAY PRESENTS FOR ME! Kathy I will buy you a sconces

  6. Hey Lizzie - the sconces are pricey but maybe you could make em out of old skeletons and such.