Thursday, March 16, 2023

More Photo Dump

 That must have been one heavy sample case
Yuk - a hair wreath.  The Victorians were very keen on using hair as keepsakes and decorations.

Santa has lost a little weight

Root Sculpture Lion Cheyenne Colorado


Big Blue Bear at the Denver Convention Center

Glum little rock in Orkney
Planter with horse hooves in Kirkwall Orkney

I took a picture of this rock formation in the Cave of the Winds here in Manitou - it has a quote  underneath that says "Dreams of mountains, as in their sleep they brood on things eternal".  But I really took it because the rock formation above the quote looked like a Penis.
 So much for my high brow sensitivities.




  1. Jamie here--I love the skinny Santa one and the glum rock.

  2. Oh, your high brow sensitivities, LOL! More great photos with marvelous little quirky aspects! Poor skelly Santa -- guess the reindeer ditched him, eh?

    1. Yes left him to starve to death on the chimney:(

  3. You certainly have been around. Does Orkney refer to the Orkney islands in the UK?

    That root lion sculpture looks like some abomination from a horror movie. Definitely not something to catch sight of in twilight.

    The stony schvantzstucker in the last pic suggests that that particular mountain may be having dreams of a type far removed from the philosophical loftiness of "things eternal".

    1. Rock porn - is it a thing? Because if not - lets make it one!

  4. Yes the Orkney island is the seat of His Lordship ancestral home so he goes every year. He has family there. I go about every three years as I don't have quite the same attachment.

  5. Next time he goes to Orkney, buy him a ticket to South Orkney and when he gets there tell him you thought it was the same place.