Saturday, October 22, 2022

Calling All Skeletons

Nothing like this time of year to slip in a favorite.

The Manitou Outpost features a bit of Manitou history here with Dr. Issac Davis and unfortunate transient Thomas O'Neil.  Their story is below if you would like to read it.


 Manitou Springs Real Estate has this lovely fortune teller whose sees a house in your future.


 Mystery solved regarding the skeletons at the Green Horse Gallery.  They put this in the window - Klimt's The Kiss and added a few gold clothes.  The Infidel was right - they are lovers!


Window glare is the bane of my existance.

 Our new E Bike store put this scooter riding skeleton together.  I think they have no idea what type of competition they are up against.

The Loft coffee shop is singing a tune with this fab crooner.  He has even got a little audience.
The little audience

Theo's Toys has this seated pirate.  He has stood for the last five years - perhaps he just got tired.

Mountain High Gallery and Gifts made a whole window with a Mountain High cheerleader but again the glare makes this dang near impossible to photograph.

The Rocky Mountain Beignets has this pair enjoying a cuppa at their cafe.

The Reiki Whole Healing Massage is a new business too - they put this little massage vignette in there window with small skeletons.

Finally the Manitou Branch of the Pikes Peak Library has this interesting blue guy eating planes - he is based on the creepy horse sculpture called Blucifer at the Denver airport.  That is  a whole other post.

The Vault  has this fellow enjoying a cocktail and doing a bit of light reading.

Who is your favorite so far?


If you have a moment, head on over to the Countdown to Halloween page.  Who knows - you might find a new blog or two.


  1. Out of this batch, I like the cheerleader and her high kick!

    1. I wish I could get a better pictures - they have skull goalposts!

  2. Glad to hear that my romantic sentimentality was not misplaced. Skeletons need love too.

    It's hard to choose a favorite when there are so many variegated skeletons on display. The fortune teller looks particularly elegant, and Toasted's Jerry Garcia (earlier post) is very authentic, being instantly recognizable from the Dead's immortal video. I really liked the exuberance of La Henna Bohème's roof witch, though. I suppose they could have made her black cats skeletons too, but then you couldn't tell that they were black.

    You also introduced me to a new concept -- a "cannabis hotel". Who knew?

  3. We have a couple of cannabis hotels here with rooms you can smoke in along with restaurants that serve cannabis inspired cuisine.

  4. I'd never heard of the Alkaline Trio. I looked them up and they've been around since 1997. They are doing a 10th album.

    1. One of my all time favorites bands - Looked up some of their best known like Radio whose dark lyrics are paired with a beautiful haunting melody.

  5. I love how the town embraces Halloween and creates all of the displays.
    That skeleton on the scooter is going to skin his knees...if he had any skin.
    Well, at least Thomas O'Neil didn't end up in a carnival haunted house.

    1. Whoa that is one creepy story. Imagine being the dude who grabbed the mannequins arm - you'd never forget it.