Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Modern Shopping for the Discriminating Witch

Ritual Craft is a great witch store located in Denver.  Baby M and I visited in December, the last time I had a social life.  It was exciting store with lots of raw ingredients for potions.

Also many brooms although these look a bit small to ride, don't they?

Plenty of ready made potions, tinctures, and concoctions for those who don't have time to make their own.

Take aways included this awesome planter Baby M gave me for Christmas.

And this spooky little bat I sent to Highbury as a thank you for a most splendid t shirt.

That t-shirt by the way is saving my life as I am currently having a very aggressive shingles outbreak and that is the biggest t-shirt I own.  It is very comfy over my huge shingles rash. Go big or go home is my shingles motto.  At least I don't have omicron although I think it might be less uncomfortable.


  1. Shingles, oh dear oh dear oh dear. Sorry to hear you're having a nasty outbreak. I hope it clears up soon and you don't ever get another. Sending you best wishes.

  2. Did I mention the shingles vaccine here before? The latest one is a two shot process (two shots two months apart) that is more effective than the old single shot.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I think they sold tea there with many other things.

  4. I miss visiting my local botanicas and witchy shops. It's been sooo long... sigh. Maybe things will be better in the summer.

    I hope the shingles outbreak doesn't last too long. I know how maddening they can be. I have neuropathy in my hands and feet, and it's hell when things become overactive. Thank goodness for big, comfy, t-shirts.

  5. I have not been comfortable in a shop for a month now due to Omicron. I hope it peaks soon as I am going a little stir crazy.

  6. Yeah, I prefer a full size besom only I get why some witches might want the smaller space saving version. I would love to take a broom making class.

    1. I would love to make a broom too! Especially one with a gnarly stick.