Friday, October 22, 2021

Skeletons Everywhere

 I found more skeletons strolling around Manitou on Sunday.  Here at the Keg, they have a salute to Harry Potter. He's hanging from the ceiling on a broom chasing some keys with wings as a skeletal Hedwig looks on.  On a sadder note, the Keg was burgled Monday Night

Skye Candle way down at the west end of town, has a giant candle making skeleton studying up on Hygge.  They have had a rough year with all the construction going on at that end of town.

Southwest silver has gone for a fortune teller theme again this year.  Buddy the punk rocker is attempting to contact dearly departed souls who are hanging as little ghosts.

Mountain West, has done a Stephen King theme.  It features Pennywise, the author at a desk and a terrified youngster in bed.

Here is some detail since the glare is so bad on the window above.

Barn+Swallow has a wacky female Sheriff who is gonna lay down the law with her revolver and bulging red eyes.

The Hemp Store had returned to the witch with a display named "Double bubble toil and trouble" but added a second skeleton and a bit more detail.

Twin Bears has a fellow who looks his like alien abduction is imminent!

Adam's Mountain Cafe' where his Lordship and I had a delicious lunch today (they have some fab vegan offerings) have painted this ancient warrior.
Well that is all I have for today.  But a lot more on there way - turns out only 30 business registered but a lot more put out skeletons!


  1. The last two are my faves -- they have some goofy character!

  2. We never have enough skeletons this time of year!

  3. (I accidentally commented on the wrong post a moment ago...)

    I meant to say here: I should have done what you did--gone into town and see what the stores are doing for Halloween instead of spending the day working to catch up on freelance projects!