Wednesday, September 22, 2021

A Little Help From My Friend

 His Lordship is not really one to help with the haunt.  Usually he skulks in the shadows while I wrestle with batteries, cursing the fact that I only have two hands (three or four would be swell).  So when he offered to help me hang the spider web on the backporch, I was a little taken aback.  And then he suggested he secure it with fishing line  - the magic words!  Before I knew it he was off on his own installing the whole thing, without any prodding or help from me.  Alas, since then, I have been busily wracking my brain as to where I could use fishing line in the rest of the haunt.



  1. His Lordship has seen the Light? Or perhaps, the Darkness!

  2. We don't need fake cobwebs here: we have loads of spiders squatting everywhere near the house.

  3. Fishing line and clear elastic are always part of the build here. I use a lot of black elastic too. Things will stretch instead of breaking in the wind. We string lights today and hopefully the marriage survives it! Rarely do we agree on how to do things with 2 artists and different ways to achieve a vision. LOL