Tuesday, September 22, 2020

New Scripts

After reading the comments on the "Debra She Who Seeks Blog" regarding the new blogger, someone mention that the choices for fonts were greatly improved.  I thought I would try a few out. This one is medieval sharp. 

I rather like this one called fondamento.

Spooky fonts seem to be in short supply but I have tried to pick those with a bit of interest. This one is Aclonica.

spoke to soon - this is Creepster

Here we have vast shadow.  Perhaps a bit western and really spaced out.

This one is called eater - not elegant enough for me though.

This is vampira 1.  I think I could do without this tilt.  I find I am tilting my head as I try to read it.

Nope as some of these letters are a little fucks up like the lower case k.

this is called Nosifer.  The blood drips are interesting but there seems to be no lower case.  My readers would think I was screaming all the time!

What about this Uncial Antiqua?

This is Jim Nightshade.

So do you have an opinion?


  1. I like Nosifer!
    But yeah, the 'new' blogger is a pain. I cannot embed anything and I have lost some posts. Gah!


  2. Very cool! I like the one with the blood drips. I've been so busy just trying to figure out the basics that I haven't experimented with fonts yet. Now you've inspired me!

    1. I suppose there has to be something interesting about new blogger unless it is just a study in torture.

  3. Creepster has an old-style horror-comics feel to it. Does it have a lower case?

    Black letter (if that's what the one above nosifer is) always has that problem with it being hard to tell what some of the letters are. I assume the fist word is "Nope", but it looks like "Rope". Similarly, uncial antiqua would be a bit hard to read.

    The tilt of vampira 1 doesn't bother me, but if you ever used italics, how would anyone know the difference?

    Medieval sharp and fondamento combine an exotic look with being easy to read. Definitely need a color that contrasts clearly with the dark background, though.

    1. No lower case for Creepster and I do like an upper and lower case. Still it might be nice to use a few of these as statements or accents. Fun to know they are there. This color for the comments is my text default color and I think it shows up pretty good. Thanks for your input.

  4. Aclonica is a good one. But I kinda like all of them.

    1. I am leaning toward the first two as I think they are the most readable but maybe use some of the others from time to time as the mood strikes.

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