Monday, August 31, 2020

Halloween at Pottery Barn

Baby M is just going gaga for the new collection at Pottery Barn.  They really do have some lovely classy pieces for this years very small (less than 10 people) Halloween gathering. Perhaps she intends to get some items for next years Halloween wedding.  

These are my favorites:
Bat Wreath

Skeleton Hand Wine Glasses

Skeleton Wine Glasses
Scary Tree Yard stake
And so much more - check it all out here.


  1. Nice!
    Love the table throw. I like Halloween in black rather than orange, TBO.


    1. Ditto - love black and red and perhaps distressed earth tones. I do employ a little cute black and orange in the kitchen.

  2. Deffenty stock up now and hit up those sales after for her wedding supplies I know that is what we did and saved a ton of money. We did our own decorations with help from friends. In fact a few days before our wedding our bridal party came over to carve pumpkins such a blast.

    1. Wow - you had a Halloween wedding? We are definitely going the do our own decor route. After all, it is what I love to do.

  3. They all look great. And now we can all start preparing for Halloween openly.