Wednesday, February 19, 2020

More Tiny Treasures from Blogs of Yesterday

I discovered this amazing post through a miniatures website.  It looks like Debbie does not keep up with her blog any longer.  Her last post was 2016. But the remnants of this beautiful space are still on line to inspire us all. Just look at these pictures.
Wow - a slate floor - be still my beating heart.

The bottles look hand blown

Look at that cauldron - I want one.
I think she moved onto to twitter or facebook as so many are inclined to do.


  1. Adorable! Yes, so many former bloggers move to FB or Twitter. And all the cool kids today are on Instagram. But some of remain loyal to the old platforms . . . .

  2. I'd just like to move in, personally. ;)

  3. Love it. Feels like a mysterious magical apothecary.

  4. I want to know what is in some of those bottles, fat juicy grubs? Tape worms?

    I think that slate floor would be pretty easy to do with some spackle or joint compound. I did a faux stone floor for a pumpkin with broken pieces of countertop samples and that worked well too.