Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thrift that Halloween

My only New Years Resolution in 2019 was to live in a kinder, gentler way toward Mother Earth.  His Lordship and I both agreed we would produce way less for the landfill.  We have been so pleased with the results, watching our waste reduce to one little bag every week.  I wrote about ways to do this over at Twisted Sisters Cafe back in April 2019.

But Halloween is fast approaching.  It is the one time of the year I am traditionally tempted go to big box stores in the urban sprawl east of Colorado Springs.  But this year, I am saying "NO!''. 

Thrift that Halloween I say. Shop used. Why?  So many good reasons: uses less packaging,  keeps the money in the community by shopping local,  gives to charity (many thrift stores are charities), reuses something that would otherwise end up in the landfill, indulges that creative passion, and saves us money.

So today I feature our little craft thrift store Who Gives a Scrap.  
This is a unique store that keeps tons of craft waste out of landfills and sells it cheaply to all in need.  I found so many interesting bits and bobs that will look awesome in the haunt for about 9 bucks.

 These two beauties were $1.50.  I think there is room for improvement but for the price I am pleased as punch.
 Here is some black satin paint - a must in every Halloween crafters arsenal.  It is unused.

 Got some big corks to fit those potion jars with wide mouths - twenty five cents each.
I got this wreath frame for a dollar - it had the original price on it from Hobby Lobby - or should I say Slobby Lobby.  So glad I gave the money to a lovely resale shop and not to that bastion of right wing, planet hating, control freaks  - the Slobby Lobby Corporation.

I also got some other fun stuff not Halloween related, like reusuable hankies.  Who needs a disposable tissue anyhow? 


  1. Terrific! Lead the way to a better Earth!

  2. Great finds! Reduce, reuse, and recycle. Target donates all of their left over Halloween stock to Goodwill. We should start seeing some of last years inventory in stores soon.

    Let us not forget the owners of the evil craft store also pay to plunder artifacts. The only good thing I will say HL is you can use their coupons at JoAnn. :o P

  3. That is such a fantastic idea for a thrift store. I love it!

    I admit one of my guilty pleasures is to walk through and have a laugh at all the hideous Christmas ornaments at Hobby Lobby. I’m pretty sure fake mercury glass bigfoot ornaments are the reason for the season.