Saturday, December 2, 2017


What fun it is to wrap all my presents Creepmas style.  After Halloween and Christmas, as I scour the shops for deals, I keep my eyes open for papers and ribbons that scream "I go both ways!".  Silvers, golds, blacks, whites, and reds all work for my crossover color pallet.

I also look to find little embellishments on sale. For example, these black skulls made by fab lab were very inexpensive at Joann's after Halloween.  I adore the way they dress up an otherwise dull wrapping job.
Glitter spiders are easily found in Halloween clearance.
This little guy is from some broken jewelry.
Many labels I make on the computer using card stock but the spider tags are from target on sale last year after Halloween.  They happily add to my creepmas style.
I love this paper from Michaels.  I purchased years ago from their dollar bins. It is a huge roll so it keeps giving and giving.


  1. It looks all so beautiful...

  2. All these look amazing. I'm alway jealous of you Americans with Joannes and Michaels perhaps I should write to them asking for store in the UK. I love the damask paper.

    1. I am sure corporate American craft store would like nothing better than to invade the UK. You should definitely let them know you are interested!

  3. I've never thought about gift year I'm definitely keeping an eye out after Halloween. Thanks for the idea.