Sunday, March 27, 2016

10 Medieval rabbits that hate Easter and want to kill you

Here are 10 bad ass rabbits that will mess you up


easter snow man

Building a snow man is a lesson in frustration in Colorado - either it is to cold and the snow is powder or the sun's out and everything is melting at an accelerated rate.  It was a race against time to get a creation done today after the powder refused to pack yesterday evening.  Then of course, one must factor in his Lordship, who like an energizer Easter bunny, is ready to clear the offensive white stuff of off every surface, leaving no building material.  The building process became a furious race against the sun and a crazed British man with a shovel.  I had plans, big plans , as I always do.  But the snow crumbled again and again and alas, so did the design.  In the end, what was supposed to be an epic skeleton emerging from a  outer snow skin turn into a dwarf grim reaper.  Instead of being terrifying, it is just kind of cute and lame.  Oh well, so it goes in the delusional mind of Lady M.

It should have been a Easter theme like Jesus.  Perhaps I will get another try during our May snow storm.

Looks like a cute skeleton baby in a snowsuit

Help I am melting

Saturday, March 26, 2016

2nd winter is upon us

After an unseasonably warm Feb and March, we have gotten nailed with not one but two snowstorms this week.  I am officially declaring it 2nd winter.
In celebration and to fulfill a New Years resolution, I must go outside and make a snow man.  His lordship says the snow is really wet, perfect for snow man building.  First to get some inspiration:

Alright - I am ready to go build a snow man with my pint glass of IPA in tow.  Wish me luck.