Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm fatally yours

I continue my search for fun valentines gifts in the theme of Death by Chocolate.  I remember that the Spooky Vegan featured just such a thing back in January.  This is a beautiful chocolate box but the price is a little steep - I have been limited to $15.00!

Pumpkin Rot also featured a chocolate skull recently that I checked and know what?  The price is even steeper for that one - well beyond my $15.00 budget.  It is gorgeous however!
Twisted treats has all sorts of cool stuff here including chocolate covered coffee beans skulls, anatomically corrects hearts, and chocolate brains all for under $20 bucks. Pretty cute.

They also have chocolate skulls for $13.00 plus $5.99 shipping

Looking at these, I am thinking "wait a minute I own this mold".  Perhaps I sense a craft project coming here.  Plus, I only have a week  - I do not know if they would arrive in time.


  1. I have the skull candy mold too! Now I want make some chocolate skulls!!!

  2. Nice selection of candies , dear Lady M.....
    Stacey is much better today and the hand will heal...
    Thank you so much for your concern... We will endure...

  3. Yes, something homemade would fit better within that $15 budget -- some kind of decorated sugar cookies perhaps? I bet you've got some ghoulish cookie cutters somewhere!

  4. The Twisted trevats sound so good, the spooky moldings are just a bonus!

  5. $87 and $105 - yikes! I think you should do a tutorial on the homemade treats. I have to make cookies for the Valentine's Country Dinner and Dance, but I'm guessing I should save the anatomically correct hearts for another occasion. Not sure they'd go over real big out here. ;)

    1. LOL - it would certainly be an introduction to the neighborhood!

  6. we have a "Skull" (rather evil-looking) cookie cutter that we bought in the late 70's .... never used it ... bought two of them at Hallmark at the time ... sent one to dear Lady Emma ( along with a childhood ghostie)....

  7. My E-Mail is Screwed up...
    cannot contact Annie Walls.... need to sign up for this year's "May Monster Madness" ...
    We will see if someone can get the "Crypt" on that list...
    A great weekend to you and yours dear Lady M....

  8. Thank You dear Lady M... And please tell Lady Annie that her "Link" is still in the "side-bar" of my blog.... I do not know how to post "Links"....