Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Winter's Icy Grip is Still Upon Us....

Snowing again today - Perfect weather to make a snow witch.

I got too much time on my hands....

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Followers to Thank

I am pleased to welcome 5 delightful followers -  the lovely Ladyfair at, Jacko at, Old Fashioned Halloween at, Gabriel at and of course, Boris. Welcome to the Haunted Parlor - hope you can hang around for awhile.
Just a few words about Boris.  I have known Boris since I was 14.  Boris loves snakes.  Here is a picture of him after getting bitten by a rattlesnake - luckily he survived.  Lately, he only has eyes for his wife and little son. So here's to Boris - welcome to the haunted parlor. Perhaps you would like to do a little guest blog on spooky snakes??

Friday, February 20, 2015

A ghost story for a gloomy winter day

So my friend Lupee told me a ghost story today that was kind of sweet in a melancholy way.  A while back, her sister passed away.  In her dying days, she was nursed by Lupee and Lupee's niece, the dying woman's daughter.  In order to call her family when she needed something, Lupee's sister had a automated bell.  After her death, the family was heart broken, and except for removing the batteries from the bell, left the room unchanged.  A little less than a year later, the deceased woman's granddaughter, on the occasion of her 13th birthday, entered the room.  Within moments, the bell began ringing.  The granddaughter picked it up, made sure it was still without batteries and tried to turn it off.  Her mother then entered the room and tried to shut it down to no avail.  Finally the Grandaughter said "Thank you, Grandma, for the birthday wishes".  The bell stopped.

Creepy or Sweet - you decide.
grandma's ghost

Friday, February 6, 2015

Death by Chocolate Box

So I took the advice bestowed upon me by the Insomniac and Deborah and came up with a homemade chocolate box for the "Death by Chocolate" present exchange.  First, I took an old Godiva box left in my daughter's room from Christmas.  Sometimes it is a blessing that she never cleans anything up.
I painted the inside of the boxes black. I own the black paint obviously.
Then I covered the top half with some wrapping paper I bought from Michaels - cost $1.50.  The bottom half was covered with a 12x12 piece of scrapbook velvet also from Michaels - the cost with coupon was $1.20.
Next I got some chocolate - nestles white chocolate and milk chocolate morsels at $2.50 each, the organic semi sweets $3.99 and wilton candy melts for $2.50. Needless to say, I still have lots left over for other projects.
I molded the chocolates in the shape of little skulls and red hearts - cost $2.50 for the heart mold - I already had the skull mold and the white mini muffin papers.
I added a bow I got at Target after Christmas (about $1) and viola - candy box for about $15.20.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm fatally yours

I continue my search for fun valentines gifts in the theme of Death by Chocolate.  I remember that the Spooky Vegan featured just such a thing back in January.  This is a beautiful chocolate box but the price is a little steep - I have been limited to $15.00!

Pumpkin Rot also featured a chocolate skull recently that I checked and know what?  The price is even steeper for that one - well beyond my $15.00 budget.  It is gorgeous however!
Twisted treats has all sorts of cool stuff here including chocolate covered coffee beans skulls, anatomically corrects hearts, and chocolate brains all for under $20 bucks. Pretty cute.

They also have chocolate skulls for $13.00 plus $5.99 shipping

Looking at these, I am thinking "wait a minute I own this mold".  Perhaps I sense a craft project coming here.  Plus, I only have a week  - I do not know if they would arrive in time.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Adult Wednesday Addams: Babysitting [S 2, Ep 1]

Tee hee - this is too funny

The Great Fruitcake Toss

On Sat. January 31st, we attended the Great Fruitcake Toss in Memorial Park in Manitou Springs, Colorado.  The weather was foul hence the crowd was small.  His Lordship baked his fruitcake to enter the "to good to toss fruitcake bakeoff". Here are some pictures from the event.
This is his Lordships entry - number 3.  As you might be able to tell from this ratty picture, he frosted the fruitcake ( or rather I did - his Lordship does not deal with frosting).  This is a common practice in the UK.  I think, however it baffled the American judges.  The entry number forshadowed our placement - we got third behind, at least, one professional chef.  When they sold tickets to taste the fruitcake, however, ours was devoured.

The actual tossing was fun to watch.  It was easy to tell who had played football. 

This fellow below in the blue won with a long toss of about 205 ft. ( I think - don't quote me on that)

Colorado Ski chairs provided the winning throne however the victor refused to take a seat.
There was also a beer tent with brews provided by the Manitou Brew Company.  His Lordship and I sampled their wares on more than one occasion.  Plus, they had heat lamps!

My favorite part was learning the Coaltrain Liquor Store was having a promotion with Colorado Ski Chairs and giving away this amazing Ska Brewing Company chair.  As his Lordship and I are regular patrons of Coaltrain and very fond a Ska's Modus Hoperandi Beer, I feel we have a good shot at winning.

His Lordship takes a load off in the chair he is gonna drink his way to owning.