Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dangerous Gardening

I like cactus - perhaps  they reflect my prickly nature.   Because they require little water and the mule deer don't eat them, they are perfect for my high desert patio.  Last summer I found a ton of them on clearance at Home Depot - they were cheap so I picked up about 8.  They have been sitting around waiting and finally yesterday, I got around to potting them.  Working with cactus is a dangerous proposition so I wear thick rubber gloves and try not to handle them.  My solution was a pair of BBQ tongs that I used to arrange them in the pot.  Then I used a melon baller to put the soil between them all the while wearing my gloves.  I have to say I did not get bitten once.  I added a couple of skulls and skeletons so they could fit into the theme of this blog.  Pathetic really!

Safety first - gloves and bbq tongs



  1. Your cacti look great! And skulls and skeletons just make everything better!! :D

  2. Need a little wooden tombstone like the old west in with those cacti! Little skeletons look cool in the cactus gardens!

  3. yup - and a little cow skull too.

  4. How cute!! Love how you added some skulls, to make it fit the blog :D *tjihi* Smart to use tongs and gloves! Got some cactus myself, both in the bedroom and in the kitchen. And a huge one in the barn saloon. Hmmm which makes me think of, we forgot to move it back inside for the winter:/ Ooopsie.. Need to take a look at that when I get home today!

    1. I hope it is still alive! I am assuming that you don't heat the barn saloon all winter.