Saturday, May 25, 2019

Vacation Photos

Justine over at Justine's Halloween ask to see some vacation photos.  I usually don't share them as I don't wish to bore you all.  But we did visit one place I think might interest you while in Suffolk.  This is St Peter's Westleton.  

His Lordship and I happened upon this while doing a village walk.  It would not be a proper British Church without a graveyard.

 I always find inspiration in these places for my yard haunt.  Look at the the varied shapes and designs of these stones. 

The mosses and lichens growing all over them just add to the character as does the carving.

This Graveyard inspired me to think of some new Tombstone names.  I mean how else is one to while away the hours of boredom during a long drive? They are:

Howie Suffered

May U. Weep

Ima Sue Screwd
Ivan Nished
Euell Greave

The last one was inspired by driving past the town of Youlgreave in Derbyshire.


  1. Glad that you found some Halloween inspiration on your trip!

  2. Cool! Thank you for remembering and sharing these photos! :) Those are some great stones. I love their outlines. I can see how they'd make for some good inspiration. I was thinking that they looked inspiring for a mini graveyard craft I've been wanting to try for a while now. You make mini paper tombstones that go in front of tea light candles. And a 14th century church. That's holding up pretty well! The town of Youlgreave? Wow. That's a surprising town name. Maybe it was someone's surname? I just looked up the town and there isn't a definitive answer to how it got its name.

    1. That church cemetery is known for its wildflowers.

  3. How cool!!! I love all those old tombstones. The carvings are beautiful. I love the name of the town Youlgreave. Thank you for sharing these awesome photos. Hope you had a great vacation and the pictures are not boring at all!!